Husky Rides in Morzine

Imagine cutting through the breathtaking mountain scenery of the French Alps, behind a team of beautiful and friendly huskies while hearing the distinctive call “Mush, mush!” echoing through the forest. This is possible in Morzine, which now offers husky riding as one its most unique and exciting winter activities.

Husky riding began in Alaska and Canada in the mid-1600s as a way to transport people and goods over vast distances. Huskies were raised by the Chukchi peoples of Siberia to work as sled dogs as they were quick, strong, trusting, intelligent and sociable. Their heartiness and bravery became legendary in the frigid and unforgiving northern climes, and they are prized animals to this day.

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Ski and Snowboard Vacation in Morzine

Situated in the heart of the Portes du Soliel area on the Swiss border with France, the quaint market village of Morzine offers a gorgeous setting for vacationers who want to explore the great outdoors and participate in a wide variety of winter sports. There are chances to ski, snowboard, snow blade, cross country ski, AT/randonneé, telemark and snowshoe. In addition, the town offers excellent shopping, dining and entertainment options.

Skiing and snowboarding are where Morzine truly shine. With an altitude of 1000 meters and over 650 kilometers of piste, the Portes du Soliel offers many fantastic options for skiers of all ages and levels. There is everything from gentle bunny slopes to a challenging full-circuit courses.

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About Chalets, Alps and Life in General

Life in the Alps has a distinctive pace and the people who are fortunate enough to live there are envied all over the world. The breathtaking views that the Alps provide are legendary, and images of their winter splendor can be found everywhere from framed office photographs in Tokyo to galleries in London to magazine covers in New York. The Alps are also well known for their world-class winter sports, including snowboarding, skiing and husky riding. People from all over the world flock to the region during its coldest months to participate in these activities and to have the chance of experiencing the crisp, alpine air. Life in an alpine village has more to offer than just one season, however, as people who actually live in one come to know well.

Life in the Alps traditionally happens in a chalet. This is a wooden home with a sloping roof that was once used as a home for the local herders and dairy farmers. Today, they are often the perfect escapes for vacationers. Chalets are the ideal home to fit into the Alps as they are built strongly and can withstand the weather and altitude. They also match beautifully with the scenery.

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tour-de-france-244348_640One of the highlights in Morzine is the Tour de France. The commune has hosted stage finishes for several occasions. The well-maintained resorts at Morzine are capable of hosting thousands of spectators every summer that are expected to troop to the upland commune. You won’t find any leaks on the rooms even on rainy summer day. The sump pump (much like the ones reviewed on this site) works efficiently in keeping the floor dry. There is no question about the readiness of the resorts to handle the needs of the tour spectators.

Before you plan a trip to Morzine to experience Tour de France, you may want to know some facts about this gripping and riveting world-class cycling tourney.

  • The annual global athletic event was launched in 1903 by Henri Desgrange. It was originally intended to help boost the sales of L’Auto, a newspaper where Henri was the editor. Henri did a great job and got his desired result as the six-day race successfully boosted the newspaper’s readership and sales.
  • Cheating is not new in the race. One of the most controversial cheating incidents occurred in 1953. It involved Jean Robic, a French rider, who swapped the water bottle with one that contains lead. It propelled him down the mountain summit at a lightning-fast speed.
  • If you complete the entire distance of the tournament (around 3,500 kms), you would produce a huge volume of sweat – enough to flush a toilet 39 times.
  • The youngest cyclist to win a stage finish was 19-year old Henri Cornet (1904), while the oldest was 36-year old Firmin Lambot (1922).
  • Only men can join in Le Tour but there were versions for women held between 1984 and 1989, another in 2014.
  • Everyone will need some inspiration to keep pedaling. For sprinter Mario Cipollini, it was Pamela Anderson who fueled him through the race. He taped the sexy stars picture onto his handlebars hoping that Pamela might help boost his testosterone.
  • The tour is a global athletic event that draws in over 15 million spectators annually. Over 13,000 French peace and order authorities are being deployed to cover the routes during the events. It also requires around 217 miles of barricades to line the courses.
  • On the average, a rider will burn well over 123,900 calories throughout the race. This whooping calorie is equivalent to 619 doughnuts or 252 cheeseburgers.
  • Before alcohol was banned in 1960s, Tour cyclists drank alcohol to keep their energies up during the race. Use of stimulants during competition was effectively banned during the 1960s.
  • Majority of riders have slim and light physique. The heaviest rider to participate was Swedish Magnus Backstedt who weighed around 94 kgs.
  • Although the race is Le Tour de France, it goes well beyond the county’s boundaries. Some of the stages are actually held in other bordering nations such as Spain, Monaco and South Holland. That’s how global this race is!

uav-914879_640If you want to capture your skiing experience at Morzine, the French Alps, don’t forget to bring with you a quadcopter. Fly the quadcopter and start taking incredible videos of your adventures.

Quadcopters enable you to take aerial videos of your trips. These drones come equipped with camera; for some models, you can strap your camera on the drone.

There are many different drone models that you can use for shooting your vacation. One of the recent favorites is the DJI Inspire quadcopter. Equipped with high resolution camera, this drone can take master-class aerial photography. It is perfect for taking photos and videos of the snowcapped Morzine resort. If you plan to try skiing, you can ask someone take videos as you glide down the icy slopes of the French Alps.

Before quadcopters hit the market, taking aerial shots of the alpine ranges required renting a helicopter, which is something not all vacationers can afford. But with drones, you can now get a 360-degree aerial view of the great mountain ranges. And the best part is that you only need a 5-pound RC device to capture stunning bird’s eye view of the landscape. There are many quadcopter models with an integrated camera. Many of these models are available at a relatively affordable price making them within easy reach.

You can compare different drone models by checking review sites. is a good site that provides reviews on different quadcopters. If you love to travel and taking videos, you will definitely find drones to be a useful investment.

Drone videography is really fun and can be very impressive but it can also be very frustrating. If you want to capture great videos for your Alpine vacation, you have to practice a lot. When shooting aerial videos, the drone should move and change directions smoothly and if possible as automatic as flexing your hand. Take lots and lots of practice and you’ll be able to hone your quadcopter videography skills. On your free time, you can use an RC controller to practice. Advanced photographers use stabilizers to ensure that the drone takes good shots.

Even if you have some shoots that are not stable or look badly, you can still edit the raw footage using your computer. There are programs, such as Adobe After Effects, that can stabilize your footage. You can then arrange the edited videos, add music and finalize your Morzine vacation video.

You’d be surprised at how you can actually make a masterful vacation video – something you never thought you can do! Give life to your travel videos by shooting from a new angle. Try drone photography for your Alpine vacation.

It is never too late to make a booking with us but we’d like to remind you that Christmas is coming. This is probably one of the busiest but most exciting times for us. It is busy because we have many guests here at this time of the year. Some even stay until well into the New Year. It is exciting because we love Christmas and all the festivities that go with it. The atmosphere is so warm and convivial that you will soon forget the bitterness of the cold winter.

Morzine at its best

Not that you need worry about that because our cabins will be warm, and to light up the atmosphere and your own festive spirit there is always a cabin fire waiting to welcome you. Not to mention the food. Gluwein and hot roasts are favorites among most folks at this time of the year so we don’t mind borrowing from our neighbors’ recipes. After all, we are all part of one European community. It is nothing like the old days. Then we used to be so territorial and jealous of our surroundings. Today, as you will soon see, we welcome everyone with open arms. Morzine hospitality at its best.

This time, we would like you to be prepared for a bit of song and dance. We are even inviting you to make your own cultural contribution. While it may be just over a month to go before you arrive, we positively believe that there is still enough time for you to practice. Never fear if you are new to this. Take some time viewing websites such as this one to learn about the various instruments you may want to consider learning how to play.

Bring your best voice

These days, learning how to play a new (or second-hand) musical instrument has never been easier. Say, for argument’s sake, you’d like to try your hand at the challenging fiddle (mainly because it will be easier for you to pack), instruction manuals advise you on all aspects you need to consider before even buying and practicing on one. Now, obviously no-one needs to pack a piano, we know that. And even if you are intent on arriving empty handed, we expect that your voice will be nicely tuned because there is no way you are going to be passing up an opportunity in joining us in the singing of our traditional Christmas carols.

As most of you know, Santa Claus is quite busy at this time of the year. Don’t worry about this. We have more than enough delightful stores for you to spend time shopping at down in Morzine and the surrounding towns. Store keepers here pride themselves on creating the perfect gifts that children of all ages (including you) will enjoy.

Dear neighbor

So, apart from finalizing all arrangements and packing your Christmas accoutrements along with your warm, woolen jerseys, padded jackets and thick boots, all that is left for you to do is quietly leave a note at your neighbor’s door just to let them know that you won’t be seeing them this Christmas.

landscape-884606_1280Before you place your booking with us, please take a few more moments going over some of our previous posts here. This will give you a good idea of what to expect and help you decide when exactly you’d like to come and visit us. Of course, we are hoping that you plan to stay with us for a few weeks but realize that you may only have time and space for a week before returning home and back to work.

We are fine with that, because either way you are going to be feeling so refreshed and before long, after you’ve been back home for a while, the memories that you have of us and our beautiful natural surroundings and villages may prompt a longing to return again sometime in the future.

Our generous hospitality

We are getting ahead of ourselves because we are quite excited to be receiving you. This may seem odd to you because, after all, we’ve been receiving guests at our lodge for ages. Let us just say that hospitality is in our blood and we never grow tired of making our guests feel at home. This being your first trip to Chalet le Coffy, Morzine, we’d like to reassure you that our well appointed cabins will provide you with all the comfort and peace of mind that we know you deserve.

Food-wise, everything is ready. If you’ve not experienced regional French cuisine before then you are in for a surprise. It’s nothing compared to the haute cuisine that bewildered tourists have experienced in our nation’s famous capital. Before you arrive in Morzine, you will surely be stopping over in Paris. We know that the appetite that you’ll be building up during your explorations will be huge, so we have generously and pleasurably taken care of that for you too.

We want you to see the sights

That brings us to the next point we want to make. While we’d love you to stay for endless days and nights in our cabins, we do want you to go out and explore the natural surroundings, particularly the forests and the peaks of the French Alps. Do not worry, you won’t be travelling alone. Our recommended guide will be with you the whole way. It will be a long journey on some days so we will make sure that you are properly equipped and have enough food for the trip.

Not that you will be away from us that long, but we always ensure that our hampers are properly sealed in portable vacuum sealers that ensure that everything stays fresh for days. Not to worry, you are not going to be trapped in the wilds overnight. The weather is good and your guide knows his way around the area like the back of his hand.

No trip to Morzine in the French Alps is complete without trying your hand at skiing. Nor a sleigh ride or visits to the surrounding local towns for that matter. We look forward to welcoming you.

The people who come and visit us here at Chalet le Coffy are often looking for a place to escape from the worries of their everyday life and relax far away from all that stress. For some this means skiing, snowboarding or other sports involving the cold weather and somewhat harsh environment of the Alps. For others, fishing the waters in another corner of the globe and taking on new varieties of fish is more relaxing and entertaining than any skiing jaunt. Others still are coming looking to be pampered in a way, taking advantage of the various spa treatments which can be found here.

Unique Pain ReliefWhile it shouldn’t be a difficult thing to find a decent massage in Morzine, people suffering from chronic pain may be interested to hear about a specialty method of relieving pain. This unique way of treating pain involves using electrical stimulation to numb temporarily numb nerves and stop them from sending those pain signals back to the brain, effectively stopping the pain in its tracks. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machines allow for directed, pinpoint pain relief which can be focused on an affected area, giving the relief where it is needed most without affecting the surrounding area.

These TENS machines are actually quite capable of reducing or totally eliminating pain for some users. There is no perfect cure or panacea out there, but there’s no doubting that TENS is an effective method for treating pain, especially in the body’s various joints, like the shoulders, elbows, knees and hips. You can read more about them at to get a better idea of what is being talked about here. As for how it applies to all of us here, well, we’re currently looking at the possible advantages of adding TENS sessions to the other services we offer.

Essentially TENS units are used to administer electrotherapy over a small area. This can force tight muscles to immediately relax by shocking them in a fashion. While the voltage isn’t high enough to cause pain in the majority of cases, it would be lying to say that these devices worked in any other way besides passing electricity through the user. Those with weak hearts, high blood pressure and similar heart and health issues would probably want to stay away from TENS machines because of this. Read more here about TENS units, their costs and how they compare against each other.

While there is potential here to bring our customers pain relief they wouldn’t be able to find otherwise, there is also potential to cause some health concerns or possibly even harm a patron with such a device, which is why we are still considering TENS units and not presently making them part of the routine. It’s difficult to figure out a way to use them while reliably trusting nothing will go wrong, without being invasive and asking for things like medical records. Still, even if we haven’t implemented them yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a TENS unit for your own, personal use to try at home.

The Perfect Tool for Small RepairsThere are certain tools which are just perfect for the handy man or woman who is always finding small projects that demand completion. These could be as simple as cutting down a larger piece of wood into smaller sections to make grilling planks or cutting boards, but some of these projects are a little more complicated, like installing a new door or replacing an old one, or cutting tiles to put down a floor. Whatever the job might be, as long as it involves cutting materials somewhere during the process, there is one perfect tool for small repairs which everyone should have.

The oscillating tool or oscillating saw as some people call it is an electronic device that spins a crank. A blade is attached to that crank, and as it rolls around it pumps the blade forward and back, creating a steady cutting motion which is great for chopping through wood, ceramics and even dense metal materials like copper pipes. Our concierges are all trained with and understand how to use these tools because they really are just that good for fixing many small things around the home – or around a hotel like what we have here.

If you’ve never seen one previously, you can view oscillating tools here to get a better idea of just what they are. Words will be adequate for some, but for the visual people among our readers, feel free to take a minute now to go and acquaint yourself with the subject of this post. They are certainly versatile tools, but the fact they rely on electricity can be bothersome. Of course, once the saw stops spinning on that rotary bit, it’s technically still a saw. A handheld hacksaw or other smallish saw could stand in if your battery dies or you can’t get a line on some electricity.

Here’s also a good video about oscillating tool :

While they excel and seem to be made specifically for small jobs, many oscillating tools are also adequate for taking on larger tasks with a greater volume of work to them. You’re not going to go chopping through any tree trunks with a small, handheld saw like this, but you could cut an infinite number of planks down to smaller sizes and measurements without a problem. Again, have a look at to get a better idea for the size and scope of these tools. They are admittedly small, but still big enough to handle jobs that would have you reaching for larger tools.

To hear it from people who work with their hands all the time, small tools like these are often actually better than the larger, “industrial” scale equipment. That’s because smaller devices like these can get into places where bigger, bulkier tools simply can’t reach. The small size and high degree of mobility combined with this high level of accessibility makes tools like these perfect for small repairs. It also makes them highly desirable for any man or woman with lots of little home improvements and repairs to make around the house.

The charm and advantages of Morzine chaletsMorzine will fascinate you at first sight. First, because of nature and the mountains that surround it, and then with its wooden houses and chalets. They give this resort a distinctive charm. If you arrive in Morzine, accommodation in a wooden house will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale.

Wooden houses have many advantages. First of all, there is a relatively inexpensive construction process. But there are other advantages of this accommodation.

The warm atmosphere. In the same way we relate the feeling of cold to the stone, the feeling the heat is related to the wood. It warms up faster and holds the heat for a long time. This is very important when you’re on the mountain and when you spend hours skiing on snow-covered surfaces. The interior of wood creates a rustic atmosphere and displaces you from everyday life. During heating, chalets have a specific smell of wood. It is believed that this scent has a calming effect and that this atmosphere contribute to less arguing.

Good thermal insulation. Wooden houses are warm, much warmer than those built of blocks. Those who live in chalets can confirm that they are cool in summer and warm in winter. This means huge savings in energy because such houses do not need any air conditioning. You can enjoy inside them during the summer and during the winter.

Beautiful design. Wooden houses, even if they are simple and classic, have a dose of magic. And the fact is that the from wood can be made almost any house you can imagine. Of course, for this you need a good constructor and the high-quality wood. Chalets can have ornaments and decorations which are specific and eternal. You can engrave or shape them according to your ideas. This can be a relatively easy job if you have a quality tool for woodworking. On the site, you can find the top wood routers on the market, and advice how to choose the right one for yourself.

Good ventilation. Staying in a chalet does not require additional ventilation. Wood is a natural material that breathes and allow enough air. In such houses is never too damp and there is no stale air.

Health is one of the biggest advantages of this accommodation. There are several reasons why the accommodation in chalets is healthier than any contemporary accommodation. First of all, the material from which the log cabin is made is natural, and during heating there is no toxic evaporation that could endanger your health. Besides, there is the humidity, which we already mentioned. High humidity contributes to the development of mites and mold, and this atmosphere is not suitable for people with respiratory problems. Staying in Morzine chalets, on the other hand, is an excellent natural therapy for people with asthma.

Good acoustic insulation. If you want a real vacation and escape from the noise, then staying in Morzine chalets is the right thing. Wood is an excellent natural sound insulation.

Whether you’re a fan of skiing, or you just need a good rest and healthy staying in nature, Morzine will really make you reborn. Allow yourself a completely natural experience, starting from accommodation to the fresh alpine air.

Building Rails and FencesHave you ever noticed how fences, railings and other structures meant to block progress or stop people from falling and hurting themselves, how these things tend to attract the attention of people? Maybe there’s something about being right on the edge of a potentially dangerous situation, or people just like having something to lean against when they’re out and about exploring the wilderness or playing, skiing or snowboarding outdoors. Regardless of the why behind it, people just like leaning on fences. That’s why it’s important for us here at the Chalet to make sure all fences and rails on our property are solid.

Building fences and rails isn’t exactly complicated work. Wood or other materials need to be cut up, then slots need to be drilled or otherwise made so that the different pieces can be interlocked and made into the finished fence or rail. Sometimes the wood is shaped in a certain way – like the iconic picket fences and privacy fences which can literally be found all over the world. Other times a rougher design is fine, as long as the barrier is solid and can be trusted to remain standing. As you can see, fences and rails could be very little work or very much, depending on what’s being built.

Now, as for us, we’re all about creating a beautiful place for people to escape the rest of the world for a while. This extends to the fences you will find around Chalet le Coffey as well. That means sanding down rough edges on wood and other materials to create smooth surfaces which are not only stable, but also attractive to the eye. For this fine work, a good belt sander is ideal. They’re portable and easy to use, as well as much lighter and less expensive than table sanders. You can check them out at if you want to get a better look.

Just locking a few pieces of wood or metal together isn’t enough to make a good fence though. Typically, more pieces of wood or metal are placed along the front or back of a fence to give the structure a better sense of integrity and stability. Sometimes it also helps to reinforce the joints in a fence by wrapping them with wire, or filling the gaps between the pieces with some sort of expanding material that holds it all together. You won’t find anything like that at Belt Sander World, but any hardware store should have it.

So, what’s the point of all this? Well, we’re always thinking of ways to make our customers’ experience more memorable, more entertaining and most important of all, more safe. We take safety very seriously here and this is a necessity considering the things people come here to do. Skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports can be very dangerous already, so there’s no reason for people standing on the sidelines to risk being hurt as well by leaning against a faulty fence. It’s just one of the many things we do to take care of all our visitors.

river-690374_1280The main reason why people go away on vacation is to de-stress from the vagaries of a normal life which is chaotic at the best of times. What usually happens is that people must essentially multi-task, taking care of at least half a dozen responsibilities over and above the office job. People inherently want to go away and experience something new while completely forgetting about what they’ve left behind. Assume for a moment that you’ll be leaving the States completely when you take your next vacation.

Europe remains a popular destination

The average American usually doesn’t go very far and takes advantage of cheaper rates closer to home. This means travelling anywhere south of the American border. During peak seasons, pretty much all beaches and nearby hotels are filled to capacity. It’s not much of a holiday venture after folks have just left behind crowds that they purportedly wanted to get away from. Perhaps they don’t mind, and they are ok with that. But not imaginative and adventurous people who will be seeking out something new the next time they start packing for their next great getaway.

For these folks, one such popular destination remains the smaller continent of Europe which suits both their nature and their pockets. For one thing, not forgetting that invariably they are paying for exquisite luxury and above average amenities, holiday destinations can be quite pricey in central and northern Europe. However the favorable rate of exchange (the Euro is more or less on a par with the US Dollar) makes it possible for these folks to budget sensibly for these riches which they would not normally experience at home.

Experience something different

The other thing, of course, is culture. Americans, for all their brashness and outgoing nature, still feel at home in different parts of Europe owing to their cultural heritage which allows them to unite with their hosts with relative ease. Definitive adventure seekers will have no problems adjusting to life in the Swiss or French Alps, for instance. Mostly they will be bound for the slopes and the surrounding natural wonders which include over thirty thousand different animal species (admittedly, this is hard to believe).

Most adventurers want to be as close to nature as possible. Living it up, tranquilly mind you, at Chalet Le Coffy on the French side of the Alps is apt for these folks. The venue allows their active-minded guests to focus on what they’d like to do next. If they’ve made any effort to do this, the more ordinary confine themselves to overcrowded gyms in a vain attempt to stay in shape. Not Chalet Le Coffy visitors who spend more daylight hours outside, communing directly with nature and experiencing something different culturally.

Punching above the usual weight

Back home, they may even be making full use of a Muay Thai heavy bag or free-standing punching bag, exercising naturally and rhythmically while the ordinary folks are still standing in line at their sweaty local gym, stressing instead of taking things in their stride.

Enjoy The Ride Through The Morzine Bike ParkDo you love the feeling of excitement and adrenaline rush when you go down the hill? Do you enjoy driving? Morzine is the right place for you – during winter and during summer. In winter, Morzine is known for its ski slopes. However, Morzine can provide you an unforgettable experience of driving downhill even in the summer. In such a case, you need to replace your ski equipment with biking equipment. Driving through Morzine during the summer is perhaps more beautiful and more vivid than those in winter. Endless and monotonous white landscapes during the summer are replaced with beautiful landscapes, so characteristic for the Alps.

In addition to the winter ski tracks, Morzine has great tracks ready for a mountain bike. There are 10 permanent downhill trails, a total of 650 km. To the top of the trail leads 24 lifts, which have special hooks to attach to your bike.

The summer season in Morzine should not be missed. This place is completely ready to welcome you – always offers an accommodation, but also the necessary equipment for your activities. If you are away from Morzine, transport of your bike can be an expensive and complicated thing. So, in Morzine, you can rent a bike. Before you engage in a ride with the bike that’s not yours, do a test drive in one of four training areas. Only when you are sure that you completely control the equipment that you’ve rented, take a ride through any of marked mountain bike trails.

Security is a very important item in mountain biking. Therefore, you need to have a protective equipment, starting from the suits to the helmet. Fast driving downhill is exciting, but also very dangerous. It is very important to get a good helmet. Although it can be rented, if you often drive a motorcycle, bicycle or skis, it is best to have your own helmet, the one that perfectly fits your head. The right choice can be found here.

For safe driving, it is important to bring enough water, because the summer in Morzine can be very warm, especially when you are physically active. Additionally, it is good to bring a mobile phone or to drive in a group, so you can get help if there is some kind of malfunction on the bicycle or injury. It goes without saying; you need a basic repair kit.

Driving mountain bikes is not the only activity you can do in Morzine in the summer. There are also organized numerous hiking tours. Sometimes the paths of pedestrians and drivers the same, so it is very important to be careful while driving and not to lose control over your bike. That does not mean you should drive off the marked trails. Such driving can be dangerous for you, for the environment and its flora and fauna.

There is no off-season period in Morzine. Regardless of the time of the year, Morzine always has something for you!