Life in the Alps has a distinctive pace and the people who are fortunate enough to live there are envied all over the world. The breathtaking views that the Alps provide are legendary, and images of their winter splendor can be found everywhere from framed office photographs in Tokyo to galleries in London to magazine covers in New York. The Alps are also well known for their world-class winter sports, including snowboarding, skiing and husky riding. People from all over the world flock to the region during its coldest months to participate in these activities and to have the chance of experiencing the crisp, alpine air. Life in an alpine village has more to offer than just one season, however, as people who actually live in one come to know well.

Life in the Alps traditionally happens in a chalet. This is a wooden home with a sloping roof that was once used as a home for the local herders and dairy farmers. Today, they are often the perfect escapes for vacationers. Chalets are the ideal home to fit into the Alps as they are built strongly and can withstand the weather and altitude. They also match beautifully with the scenery.

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Situated in the heart of the Portes du Soliel area on the Swiss border with France, the quaint market village of Morzine offers a gorgeous setting for vacationers who want to explore the great outdoors and participate in a wide variety of winter sports. There are chances to ski, snowboard, snow blade, cross country ski, AT/randonneé, telemark and snowshoe. In addition, the town offers excellent shopping, dining and entertainment options.

Skiing and snowboarding are where Morzine truly shine. With an altitude of 1000 meters and over 650 kilometers of piste, the Portes du Soliel offers many fantastic options for skiers of all ages and levels. There is everything from gentle bunny slopes to a challenging full-circuit courses.

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Imagine cutting through the breathtaking mountain scenery of the French Alps, behind a team of beautiful and friendly huskies while hearing the distinctive call “Mush, mush!” echoing through the forest. This is possible in Morzine, which now offers husky riding as one its most unique and exciting winter activities.

Husky riding began in Alaska and Canada in the mid-1600s as a way to transport people and goods over vast distances. Huskies were raised by the Chukchi peoples of Siberia to work as sled dogs as they were quick, strong, trusting, intelligent and sociable. Their heartiness and bravery became legendary in the frigid and unforgiving northern climes, and they are prized animals to this day.

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Morzine offers much more than Skiing in WinterWinter is enjoyed in different ways across Europe. While you go without the sun for weeks in the polar north, which is immersed in real snow, in the Mediterranean region you can find some lingering warmth from the sun. Café culture is predominant in the Mediterranean region.

The central part of Europe where Morzine is situated is more suited for spending Christmas in splendor.  Since you find very few queues in peak season, it is easy to visit many places that are budget friendly. The Charming villages and grand metropolises look even more beautiful and inspiring at this time of the year. The vast train network across Europe makes it easy to explore places you wish to see in a leisurely manner. The locals are also pretty laid back after the frenetic tourist season in summer.

In Morzine, winter offers various forms of delights to visitors especially its delightful nightlife. You can revel in the spectacular firework displays that astound you. While the nighttime activities are fun to watch, you need to be careful while you drive at night. Using proper lighting such as the keen led bars available at will improve visibility and prevent any untoward accidents at night. The torch lit Après-ski descent is another attraction that tourists enjoy seeing.

Apres ski enjoyment

For those who are looking for more excitement the numerous nightclubs that dot the region offer excellent entertainment. You can enjoy the assorted events and entertaining DJs all through the season. Places such as Le Tibetan and Le Tremplin serve to chase away your boredom with their long list of events that cater to all types of tourists.

The events start late in the evening and go on until 2 am in the morning depending on the weather. The atmosphere is resplendent with dancing, singing, and general mayhem. With the weather being erratic at winter and the activities going on late into the night, using emergency lighting such as Federal signal light bars helps in times of need.

Dancing to the music

For visitors who want to listen to live music L’Etale restaurant is a splendid place to frequent. The terrace is covered and heated, offering warmth and comfort from the cold weather. The restaurant serves excellent cuisine providing customers wholesome entertainment.  Le Coup de Coeur and le Crepu are other noted bars that serve great wine, pizzas, and snacks. But the places are jam-packed making it hard to find a table.


Other than the musical festivals such as Basscamp, Fete de la Musique and Rock the Pistes that see some of the best DJs of international repute entertaining the locals and tourists. The Christmas celebrations are the most looked forward to here. The snow covered Alps looks magical. Christmas starts from beginning of December with the nights filled with music, vin chaud and chocolate. The entire festive season is replete with festive markets, concerts and live music as the entire town gets ready for Christmas and New Year Celebrations.

With excellent places such as Chalet le Coffy to stay in, visiting Morzine in winter is just right not only for skiing enthusiasts, but for the general tourists looking to spend their vacation in splendor and joy.

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Decorating Chalet with HouseplantsThe Chalet Le Coffy here in Morzine is a major tourist attraction. It brings in people from all over the world who are looking to ski on the Alps. However, while there is plenty to do in the place, the scenery can become somewhat redundant. It’s snow, snow and little else; at least while you’re outside. It’s something many visitors have commented on in the past, and we do take our visitors seriously. After hearing it enough times from several different people, we decided to dress up the interior of the Chalet, since there was relatively little we could do for the state of the exterior.

Now, we didn’t want to do anything too complicated or, well, expensive. So we decided to go with some pretty common stuff – houseplants, nothing too exotic, just enough to brighten up the interior of the Chalet and provide people with the color their skiing trips were sorely lacking. Buying up plants which are already fully grown can become pretty costly very quickly though, especially when there’s a great deal of area to cover with said plants. I came up with the idea to buy seeds and soil instead, and start from the ground up, so to speak. My peers took it pretty well and that’s what we decided to do.

Decorating Chalet with HouseplantsWhile we don’t get a lot of color outside here, we do get plenty of natural light. However, it’s pretty cold here at the Chalet Le Coffy, so placing our budding seeds next to windows turned out to be a really bad idea. The cold just seeped through the walls, killed a lot of young plants.In the end, we all decided that getting some grow lights would be the best way to do things. That way the plants could stay warm, away from windows, and actually get a chance to live. You can also grow some vegetables, fruits and other plants indoors, using led grow lights, after reading one of these 800w LED Grow light review.

When I learned we could not only start providing our visitors with a lush and colorful environment, but that we could also supplement our food stores by using that same energy to grow fruits and vegetables, I was all about getting this thing set up right away. At first, we all thought it would cost us more money every month to run the lights regularly – you know, increased expenditures and all that. But imagine our surprise when our growing operation actually lowered our monthly expenses, because we suddenly had to buy less food and didn’t need to pay for any flowers or decorative houseplants at all!

We’ve had so much success growing our own stuff indoors, I wanted to take a moment to recommend it to anyone out there with a green thumb and plenty of free space around the house. Check out more useful information about indoors growing by checking this website. If you’re into this new healthy food craze which has hit the world, then you should know that growing your own food under conditions you control is the only way to truly cut out pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers and other poisons from your diet.

Fitness activities to enjoy in MorzineWhile winter is the time when Morzine sees its peak tourist season, I ‘d also recommend summer to those who don’t favor the icy winter activities. Summer is also a great time to spend here. The average temperatures you see in summer here is around mid-twenties only. The town looks bronzed and active in summer. You can choose several outdoor activities here that keep you healthy and fit, as the weather is ideal for workouts. For those who have not been giving their physical fitness much time during winter, the summer months are just right for boosting their fitness.

Fitness has various different facets. Therefore, it is necessary to include a diversified exercise format that aids in achieving proper fitness level, Cross training is an ideal way that allows both increased cardio and muscle tone strength via multiple activities. This helps in creating a comprehensive fitness schedule. The workouts need to be chosen based on not only the physical fitness, but also the energy and brainpower they provide. This also helps to alleviate stress and helps you feel wonderful.

Crossfit training in Morzine

Morzine has some excellent crossfit training activities available for fitness enthusiasts both locally and for the visitors. The activities help you keep your fitness level so you are ready and strong for winter. I use my grappling dummy I bought at, which is very useful for my training, when a gym is not accessible.

Biking in Morzine

Biking especially downhill biking is quite famous in Morzine. In fact, with its numerous graded tracks, Morzine is the mountain biking hub of entire Central Europe. Biking is good for fitness as it has immense cardio benefits and produces muscular stamina enhancement in addition to producing constant stimulation of the brain.

For those who are not comfortable with the idea of downhill biking, the road bike tours are just as easily accessible. The famous Haute Savoie is an important mountain pass area in which Tour de France has been held annually. You can enjoy the challenging route here and be proud of your experience here.  Ever since I had bought the Title freestyle-grappling dummy, (which you can see here click here) I’ve become adept in most of my MMA maneuvers and this helps me whenever I take up any demanding activity such as downhill biking.

Yoga for health

Yoga is ideal for enhancing balance, strength, flexibility, and stamina throughout your whole body. It helps in boosting your concentration and keeps your mind in focus. The activity is also ideal to reduce muscle ache, remove imbalance and release tension from the body.  Yoga is also good for the mind and leaves you refreshed and energetic after you finish our routine yoga sessions.  When you start practicing yoga, it helps you to eat healthy foods, relax, and become strong and flexible.


Morzine has a large swimming pool right at the city center. Lake Montriond is another area that is great to have a refreshing swim. Since swimming does not produce much impact on the joints, it helps to increase the muscle tone, eat a healthy diet and better strength.

It’s almost time to make your spring bookings with usGood day, ladies and gentlemen! We hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas and festive, and yet safe, Happy New Year so far. For a number of understandable reasons, you may not have been able to pack your bags and go on a long, luxurious and even adventurous holiday at your dream destination. Many of you have too many family responsibilities and this time around needed to cater for visitors. We know all about catering and share the excitement that you may have experienced putting traditional dishes together.

You will gasp at the sights here

Now, when you add everything up, we believe that our prices are more than reasonable for such a prestigious location in the French Alps. But we do understand that many of you will still be saving up for such a dream destination. So, while you are still recuperating from your festive exertions, we thought we’d take you on an imaginary drive along our way to offer you some inspiration and still further motivation to get yourself more organized, savings-wise, so that one day, hopefully soon, you will be able to come and visit us.

In an earlier post, we heavily promoted our chalets to readers to make bookings with us for our busiest time of the year, Christmas and New Year. At this time of the year everything is white with snow and you can well imagine how new visitors gasped after seeing picture perfect snow and the high Alps for the first time. Even if you were a seasoned traveler, we imagine that you will still gasp at the sights on display here. Now, before you know it, soon it will be spring.

Share your interests with us

Before we explain our digression about busy times of the year, have a look at this website to see how you can generate water in your own home as clean and pure as the water that will be flowing down the mountainside once spring arrives. We are, in fact busy all year round, so spring will be no different. Many action lovers are already making plans for skiing and hiking expeditions. But those who will be arriving at Chalet Le Coffy for the first time need not worry because we’ve catered for them too.

Why don’t you drop us a query mail, mentioning some of your active interests to us? In return, we can provide you with a list of our recommended activities while looking for something that matches your interests. Here’s another correction, if we may, before we leave you. Some of you may well be able to come and join us this spring. So, without hesitation we would also like you to make a booking with us as early as today.

If you leave it too long, you will regrettably have to wait until next year. But, of course, we are open all year round. How about that then?