Husky Rides in Morzine

Husky Rides in Morzine

Imagine cutting through the breathtaking mountain scenery of the French Alps, behind a team of beautiful and friendly huskies while hearing the distinctive call “Mush, mush!” echoing through the forest. This is possible in Morzine, which now offers husky riding as one its most unique and exciting winter activities.

Husky riding began in Alaska and Canada in the mid-1600s as a way to transport people and goods over vast distances. Huskies were raised by the Chukchi peoples of Siberia to work as sled dogs as they were quick, strong, trusting, intelligent and sociable. Their heartiness and bravery became legendary in the frigid and unforgiving northern climes, and they are prized animals to this day.

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Ski and Snowboard Vacation in Morzine

Ski and Snowboard Vacation in Morzine

Situated in the heart of the Portes du Soliel area on the Swiss border with France, the quaint market village of Morzine offers a gorgeous setting for vacationers who want to explore the great outdoors and participate in a wide variety of winter sports. There are chances to ski, snowboard, snow blade, cross country ski, AT/randonneé, telemark and snowshoe. In addition, the town offers excellent shopping, dining and entertainment options.

Skiing and snowboarding are where Morzine truly shine. With an altitude of 1000 meters and over 650 kilometers of piste, the Portes du Soliel offers many fantastic options for skiers of all ages and levels. There is everything from gentle bunny slopes to a challenging full-circuit courses.

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About Chalets, Alps and Life in General

About Chalets, Alps and Life in General

Life in the Alps has a distinctive pace and the people who are fortunate enough to live there are envied all over the world. The breathtaking views that the Alps provide are legendary, and images of their winter splendor can be found everywhere from framed office photographs in Tokyo to galleries in London to magazine covers in New York. The Alps are also well known for their world-class winter sports, including snowboarding, skiing and husky riding. People from all over the world flock to the region during its coldest months to participate in these activities and to have the chance of experiencing the crisp, alpine air. Life in an alpine village has more to offer than just one season, however, as people who actually live in one come to know well.

Life in the Alps traditionally happens in a chalet. This is a wooden home with a sloping roof that was once used as a home for the local herders and dairy farmers. Today, they are often the perfect escapes for vacationers. Chalets are the ideal home to fit into the Alps as they are built strongly and can withstand the weather and altitude. They also match beautifully with the scenery.

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Top Wanted Professions in Morzine

Top Wanted Professions in MorzineMorzine is a cute little Alpine village which is famous as a cool and fun winter destination. A lot of sports enthusiasts from all over the world, especially from England and France, come here every year to have some fun in the snow. Morzine has a 650 km ski area and offers something for both amateur and experienced skiers and snowboarders. This lovely village is also famous for its many chalets and amazing panoramic vistas.

This place is quite small, and has a population of just over 3 thousand people, not counting migratory workers and tourists. In the winter and summer months, during high-season, it becomes packed with visitors, as well as many professionals who come here to work for the season. Despite the large influx of people, there is always a shortage of certain professionals. Here is a list of the most sought-after professions in Morzine. If you find your profession on this list – congratulations! – finding a job there, especially during high-season, would be a piece of cake for you.

  1. Snowboard Instructors

Unlike ski instructors, snowboard instructors are still few and far between. Since this sport has been rapidly gaining popularity in the last decade, more and more people want to learn it. Snowboard instructors usually come from different backgrounds and have different preferences – some specialize in teaching children, some are more suited to teaching people who already have a grasp on the basics, etc. That is also why there is always a personnel shortage in this field.

  1. Professionally Trained Nail Technicians

Apart from adrenaline inducing sports, Morzine also offers the full spa experience. Combine this with the fact that a study showed that women spend an average of $450 on their nails every year, and you have a winning combination. No decent spa or salon would allow themselves to go without a nail technician, and it is hard to come by a real professional who knows what they’re doing. So, if you’re thinking about a career as a nail technician, getting work in Morzine would be as simple as ABC.

  1. Child Care Professionals

While mommy and daddy are off having an adrenaline blast, sightseeing or relaxing at a spa, they need someone to take care of their little one. That is why a lot of places offer the services of a part- or full-time child care professional. If you’re good with kids, you can also try to get a job at a chalet or hotel – just keep in mind that experience is mandatory!

  1. Chalet Hosts

Since there are a lot of chalets in Morzine, there is high demand for a chalet host – someone to make the guests feel relaxed, comfortable and happy. Knowledge of languages is a big plus in this profession, as well as a pleasant and amiable personality. This job entails entertaining clients, but also cleaning and housekeeping, maintaining the chalet, transportation, etc.

So there you are – the top wanted professions in Morzine. If you see yourself in any of these professions, your way to France is clear!

Finding Things to do Indoors

Finding Things to do IndoorsVacationing to another part of the world usually involves a list of different planned activities, like taking in a sporting event, trying the local cuisine and drinks, or walking through famous places. But sometimes, and especially here in the Alps, weather conditions can make journeying outdoors a frightening prospect. That’s why you should be sure to pack something you can use to entertain yourself when you’re stuck indoors while on a trip. Some people prefer portable gaming systems, but those who are musically inclined might decide to bring along a keyboard or piano, or other musical instrument to bide time.

Finding a decent digital piano isn’t a hard thing to do. If you play often, then you probably already have one, which means you can skip most of this paragraph. If you don’t already have one, but you think a portable piano would be the perfect complement to your next vacation, then you may want to check out the PIANO REPORT website for more information on them. It explains different features and facts for a slew of digital pianos and there are even some user reviews from people who’ve purchased and played with the goods being talked about. It’s a great resource for any pianist on the go.

If making music isn’t your thing, then listening to it will almost certainly suit you better. It used to be that carrying around a CD player and a bunch of discs would require some dedicated packing space, but these days you can dump a nigh limitless number of songs onto an MP3 player or other small electronic device. Admittedly this is just as much fun when you’re out and about as when you’re stuck in a hotel room, but that’s what makes packing some of your favorite tunes along for a trip such a good idea. Definitely don’t forget this one.

If you’re more of a wordy kind of person, the classic crossword puzzle books are still great standby items for when you get stuck staying inside. These are hit or miss for people, but if you’ve already tried them before and you know that you like them, there’s no reason not to pack a few with the rest of your luggage. They’re light enough, cheap, easy to find and easy to get rid of too, once you’re done with them – the perfect disposable activity you can enjoy and then forget. But to be sure, they aren’t for everyone.

Do you have some favorite things to do when you’re unable to go out and enjoy the place you’ve vacationed to? I know I haven’t listed every possible activity here, but I’m not exactly working with a lot of space. Feel free to share your thoughts on anything about this article; musical instruments, portable games, music players or puzzle books all have their own pros and cons, depending on who’s talking. If you have any other suggestions, please leave those too. It’s no fun getting stuck inside with nothing to do, so let’s all help prevent that from happening to our readers.

Hiking in the Alps

Hiking in the AlpsWe get a lot of visitors here at Chalet Le Coffy and they’re often here for the Alps – hiking, skiing, snowboarding and the like. There certainly is a lot to do here, but one thing many of our guests vent about is misjudged distances. They go out looking for a hike of a certain length, for instance, but they figure the distance between where they are and where they want to go, leading to a trip that takes much longer than they’d planned, or never gets finished at all. There’s one device that could help prevent this from happening in about 99% of cases, however.

Naturally, I’m talking about a rangefinder. While these are often used as attachments for rifles or shotguns when hunting, or to measure distances during surveying schemes, they work just as well for especially long hikes and even more so when you’re in new or unfamiliar territory you’ve never walked through before. There are many different kinds of rangefinders in varying degrees of strength, and rangefinders which emit stronger beams will track greater distances in general. You can read more about these devices and the different things they do right here, but there’s more to talk about besides them.

Getting an accurate reading for your hike is important, but so is making sure to pack enough food and water for the trip – and maybe even a little more, in case you end up being out longer than you’d anticipated. We suggest bringing along at least a liter of water per person hiking, as well as enough food to make a solid meal for each hiker, with some optional snacks on the side to eat while on the move. This is a perfect opportunity to try out some local French cuisine, some of which could be packed with calories and make an excellent choice for hiking through cold temperatures and over uneven terrain.

Along with the right food and drinks, you’ll definitely want some warm clothes. The odds are good you’ll be trudging through some snow wherever it is you decide to hike near here, so if you’ve got waterproof boots, those are more or less a must. A well insulated coat and gloves, a hat and other items for your extremities should be enough to get you through your hike. Remember that all of your gear, even your clothing, will mean more weight you have to carry through your hike. You want effective gear which is also light enough to not make you tired.

With an adequate rangefinder to give you an accurate measure of the distance to be hiked, some good boots that will keep your feet from getting wet and thereby stop them from becoming cold or cramping, and a healthy meal with enough liquids for your trip, you’re ready to hike. It might sound like a lot of planning, but you would go through most of the same steps hiking through a forest or some other more hospitable place, so these tips shouldn’t come as any surprised to seasoned hikers.

Things to Do in Morzine

Things to Do in MorzineWinter is on its way and people are starting to plan for their holidays, meaning that many are considering a trip to Morzine in the coming months. This is the busiest season for us, as people begin to call and ask questions about their potential holiday. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the majority of questions we get asked are regarding where to go and what to do in the Alps. Of course, when planning a trip to the French Alps, we always recommend Morzine as a great choice because it is known for its charm and its unique approach to life as well as its sense of history and the beauty of the region.

Stay in a Chalet

After deciding on Morzine, the first thing to consider is where to stay. There are many options, including inns, hotels, lodges, and rental chalets. We often recommend trying to stay in a cosy decorated  chalet. While there are inns, hotels and ski lodges all over the world, there are only a few places where one can stay in the type of beautiful chalet that is traditional to this region. Many tourists who are vacationing in Morzine choose to stay in a chalet because of the increased privacy and the warmth and atmosphere that it adds to their holiday.

It is no wonder that chalets are known the world over not only both their ability to withstand the Alpine environment, but also for their charm. Some of he chalets usually available are in the proximity of local restaurants and shops, while others are more secluded but with spectacular views. There are many chalets available within the city and its environs for rent with just the minimum of research, which makes finding the right one to rent for a stay very easy.

Ski and Snowboard

Of course, Morzine is a place where you’ll eventually want to go outside. Once in Morzine the opportunities to partake in nature are seemingly endless. First of all, there is world-class snowboarding and skiing available in town and nearby for people at all levels of ability. Often when people first think of Morzine, and the Alps in general, they imagine themselves skiing or snowboarding through the pristine snow. The opening of the skiing season gives them the chance to live out that dream with their friends and family and, indeed, the slopes in Morzine are at the intermediate level and are particularly well-suited to full family fun.

However, there are expert runs nearby for those wanting more of a challenge. In all, this region has literally hundreds of lifts available, meaning that there is something for everyone, whether the prefer downhill, crosscountry or a snowboarding park. There are also skiing and snowboarding schools available for hose just learning, or who want some pro tips to hone their skills. Granted, this area has amazing opportunities for anyone interested in those two sports, but Morzine offers so much more than just one or two activities.

Hunt Mountain Game

For instance, skiing isn’t the only thing that has a season in Morzine. The Alps can be a fantastic place for both bow and rifle hunters to visit. There are many opportunities to do chamois and  mouflon hunting in particular throughout the French Alps. While seasons vary according to region and animal, The general season for mountain game, for example is usually September to February. This is the perfect time for winter vacationers.

Hunting is well regulated in France and is confined to specific areas. Anyone looking to hunt in the region will need to be above the age of 15 and have the proper licenses and permits through the Office National de Chasse et de la Faune Sauvage. The exams for licensing are available all year round. There are many expert hunters in the areas that offer packages and can otherwise be contacted for help regarding how to safely and legally hunt in the area. Even for hose who are not hunters, a photo tour of the amazing flora and fauna in the area  or a morning spent bird watching or fishing can be a very enjoyable time, and area hunting guides can point tourists in the right direction.

Try Something New

There is so much more to do on holiday here than just one or two things. Besides the activities listed above, there is also snowshoeing, ice skating and sledging.  Many of these activities are particularly popular with young children.  Animal lovers of all ages may be interested in husky riding and ski joering as they can experience being pulled through the countryside by a graceful horse or a pack of beautiful sled dogs. More adventurous adults have the chance to try to compete in a biathlon, paraglide and heli-ski. Those who find all that too much for them but still want to try something unique, can opt just to take a ride in a helicopter over the mountains to see the amazing scenery from a bird’s perspective.

Stay In Town

Sometimes, even on a vacation in the Alps, we just want to spend a day shopping, dining and hanging out. Morzine There are several indoor activities the often get overlooked in Morzine. There are excellent restaurants available and a decent amount of shopping. The town also offers indoor swimming  and a bowling alley for family fun in addition to several area gyms and spas for those who want some time to themselves. Another recommended indoor activity is to catch a show at Cinema Le Rex, which offers both big blockbusters and French art films.


Morzine is great in any season, but it really shines in the winter! These are only some of the options available to those wanting to spend anywhere from a week to a several months of their winter in Morzine. The options are almost unlimited, and there are many more available activities to be found than can belisted in one post. So, anyone considering Morzine who has a particular interest that wasn’t mentioned here can feel free to ask .

Longboarding for Snowboarders

Longboarding for SnowboardersTwo of my snowboarding friends recently introduced me to a new sport. It is called longboarding, and I am mentioning it here because I know how popular snowboarding is here and I can absolutely see it becoming popular in Morzine in the future as an off season activity. It is admittedly a little bit like skateboarding but has some pretty interesting and unique characteristics as well as seems a little bit more relaxed overall. I know that there is a natural affinity between snowboarders and skateboarders, but my friends said it is just as much the case between longboarders and snowboarders. Because of this,  decided to ask them a few questions so that I could relay what I learned here for anyone else who is interested.

Points of Difference
There is a learning curve from one to the other, bu it is manageable. For one thing, a longboard feels different than a snowboard. One of them told me that he has to hold his weight differently when turning for each and then the other chimed in to say that he rides goofy when he snowboards, but doesn’t when longboards for some reason. Snowboarding requires riders to be on the edge much more as well apparently, which is not at all surprising as snowboarding is known for this anyway. Also, the fact that there are no bindings on a longboard is a fairly obvious difference. Overall, my friends have found it fairly easy to learn the basics of longboarding so far, but there were enough of these differences to take note of them here.

Points of Similarity

Of course, there are definitely some major points where the two sports are beneficial to each other as well. Carving skills seem to be where they both match up and could really help each other. Longboarders have a wider range of motion, but this can actually benefit snowboarders in the long run by helping them muscle strength in ways they might not otherwise. Also, the sliding longboarders do can help build strength and develop a good knee bend. And, longboarders like to bomb hills, which can also really help snowboarders who are looking to tackle anything steep. Also, both seem to help when it comes to acquiring good balance. Even more, I can see how longboarding could be a great way for a snowboarder to stay active and to retain his or her muscle memory when there is no snow on the ground.

I am, of course, no expert because this is something I only heard about recently, But, all in all, it seems to be an interesting and fun activity to break into for those interested in boarding sports in general. For anyone who wants to know what a longboard looks like, they can click here to see what one looks like. It seems like a reasonably priced and fun and I can absolutely see it as being an interesting additional activity for the snowboarders I know here in town during the summer months.

Fitness in Morzine

Fitness in MorzineMorzine is known for winter sports, primarily skiing and snowboarding. As such, it is a place that generally attracts an outdoors, athletic type of person. And, as more and more people are choosing to come to Morzine for the season or to stay for extended periods of time, the range of sports options are gradually increasing in turn.

At the Gym

Beyond the expected winter sports and things like hiking and canoeing, which are popular in the warmer weather months, Morzine now also has a smattering of sports clubs and gyms that offer personal trainers, swimming and Pilate’s classes. Some of these gyms are part of hotels and may have policies about whether they are available only to guests or are open to the general public. Others are stand alone facilities and open to everyone through memberships and day passes. Between the two types of gyms, there is usually a decent amount of options for most people’s basic needs. Having said this, the options can still seem a little limited to some people who are expecting big city amenities in the middle of the Alps and it is set to keep expectations realistic.

At Home

Many people who move to Morzine more permanently have decided to set up small home gyms so that they can work out on their own schedules and with their own interests and training goals in mind. Of course, the extent of anyone’s home gym will depend on many factors, including the amount of space they have, their budgets and their fitness aspirations. But, it is worth saying that it is actually fairly simple to set up a basic home gym, and it doesn’t have to take much space either. Some people will be content with just a treadmill for cardio exercises, a yoga mat in the corner or a single punching bag. Others may need a little more. In particular, people who want to do weight lifting would do very well to invest in a power rack so that they can work on their bodies safely and effectively in the comfort of their own homes.

Before deciding to build a home gym, it is probably a good idea to research all of the fitness centers that are in town to see if they already offer enough. Having said this, there are many options to choose from when personalizing a home gym and it is certainly something to think about for those in the market to buy or build in the area if they want to maintain their personal fitness routines. There might be a little bit of adjustment, but it is well worth it since it means that all of the scenery and amazing outdoor opportunities will be just a step outside the gym door.

In the Great Outdoors

Of course, the best place to work out in Morzine will always be in nature, and there are many ways to stay fit for those looking in the right places. In fact, there are so many that there isn’t enough space in this article. Morzine has options in all four seasons that allow the beauty of the great outdoors to really shine through. But, hopefully this post has given a few other possible alternatives for those people looking to stay in Morzine for a little longer than a weekend.

Sparring in Morzine

Sparring in MorzineMorzine is a pretty peaceful place to be, but even here combat sports like boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai have started to become a popular way to build strength and get into good shape. Boxing, for example, is a really good full body workout and it is also a sport that sharpens speed and mental awareness; Its pacing is great for developing reflexes. Boxers, kickboxers and martial artists are also famous for being able to get into the minds of the people they are fighting and read them. This can appeal to anyone who values both physical and mental abilities and wants to become stronger in both. Granted, Morzine is not exactly a mecca for this type of sport at all, but I noticed that there has been a little bit of interest recently, so I thought that I would provide some basics for those looking to pick up a pair of boxing gloves and try.

Investing in Gear

One of the things that is really nice regarding sports like boxing is that they generally require only very minimal gear. There are a couple of things most combat sports have in common. Everyone who will actually be fighting in a match must have their own mouth guard and some also require protection for the head. Hand wraps are also essential. And, of course, everyone needs to have a pair of gloves available for many of these. A pair of gloves is essential for giving their wearer support, protection and comfort in a match and in practice. There are many different styles to be aware of depending on how they are sued. For example, boxing gloves used on a bag are different from good Muay Thai sparring gloves.

A bag is pretty much a must to buy when practicing in Morzine as there is not a fully fledged boxing club here (yet). So, if anyone is serious about practicing boxing, kickboxing etc. with any regularity in this area will probably benefit a great deal from having their own heavy bag for practicing regularly. This piece of equipment can really be essential to developing the proper style, and there are different sizes, styles and weights of bags to help in this.

Finding like-minded people

Just because there is not a major scene in Morzine does not necessarily mean that there aren’t some possible options for people interested in learning. Combat sports are very popular in France overall, and we have many champions and major names in the country. So, some of the personal trainers at the local gyms might have the experience to do one-on-one training if they are asked. Also, because Morzine is so convenient to several larger cities, there are some good option for those people who are willing to make a drive every once in a while.

Sports like can be great physical and mental training for the right kind of person, so I hope that this guide is beneficial to people who are interested in it.

Decorating Chalet With Digital Technologies

Decorating Chalet With Digital TechnologiesCelebrations are creeping up week by week. We, the owners of Chalet le Coffy, have been already preparing for the winter holidays. To celebrate, we wanted to come up with some interesting ideas. One of the ideas was to decorate the chalet. We have done it before, but as owners, we wondered how we could make the chalet stand out compared to all the others. It has been done many times before, so what could they have done differently? That was when one of us owners came up with the option of utilizing the magnificence of digital technologies. Decorating for the holidays is something to look forward to.

Let’s discuss the advantages in using digital decorations. One of them is that there is no worry of any messes. Digital decorations create backgrounds that cannot be beaten by traditional décor. Physical props have nothing compared to what digital decorations can achieve. A second advantage is the professionalism shown using simple effects.

If you already have a television, DVD player, computer monitor, or projector, then you are set when it comes to materials. Show to other people your amazing abilities behind the use of technology to deliver quality visual pieces. We had to purchase a portable projector to achieve the look we were going for. I bought projector lamps for replacement from the UK.

The third reason people should start decorating with digital technologies? It is really fun to play around with these awesome special effects on a television set. If you want to witness cool winter effects from the comfort and warmth of home, then you can do so with these tools. This brings us to the last advantage: the projection effects look simply great!  The relationship between a lightly hued surface and a projector bring amazement before your eyes. It is a great place to display animation. Windows and walls are examples of where to do this. Luckily, there are different methods of displaying digital decorations.

There are different ways you can display decorations. This includes front projecting, back projecting, and the usage of computer monitors and television screens. Front projecting is using a projector to project a decoration straight onto a surface. Instead of a TV or computer monitor, the projector simply does it job onto the light surface. Not only is it a great way to show effects, but may be the easiest way to do it if you are just learning. Make sure you have enough room on the wall and do not walk in front of the projector!

We used back projecting for our decorations. Back projecting is when the projector is set behind a curtain or transparent covering and projecting through it. I like it because it is great on windows, plus, I can make sure to hide and protect the projector from visitors. Just be careful with the beam since you want the image just right–not too dark or too light. Projectors can’t be too close to the surface or too far away. Be sure to test it out beforehand.

Television and monitor decorations are a great way to use this technology. Make your own moving painting like a fireplace or snowfall. That way, you don’t have to use a real fireplace or pay more for actual physical pieces. Be sure to check out what works for you this holiday season!

The Alps and Air Guns

The Alps and Air GunsSince Morzine is such an outdoorsy place, we receive many questions about swimming, fishing, skiing and hiking in the area. Recently, a Canadian asked me about the possibility of using an air gun in France. So, I did some research to answer his original question, and I also thought I might post the information here for those who are similarly inclined.

Basic Information

To start off, both people unsure of what an air gun is and seasoned experts alike can find a wealth of information on this portal. There’s a lot of information that provides descriptions, explanations and product reviews and it was helpful for me in being able to help my Canadian friend out. Ammo and pellets are readily available in France.


Now that we have a better understanding of what air guns are, we need to know what French authorities have to say about them. Air guns up to 20 joules are legal to buy in France with proper proof of residency and can be bought into the country with a valid EU Firearms Passport. They must be packed and transported safely. Carriers (like ferries or airlines) need to be notified in advance and have issued written permission for the transport of the air gun. Carriers may also have additional restrictions. So, be sure to plan ahead and contact all of the relevant parties. Beyond 20 joules, more paperwork and permissions will be needed to bring in an airgun.

New Licensing Laws

In 2013, French law changed regarding licensing and permitting practices and the size and power of air guns. The new law that states that air guns under 20 joules or 15 fpe are legal to use on your own land without registering them. This new provision is found in Sous-section 3 : Armes de catégorie C, Rubrique 4, Item 4°, for those who want to have all the information, but It is only in French at this time.

Anything over 20 joules requires a license, which can be obtained from a gun club with ID and proof of residency (e.g. a utility bill) for around 40 to 60 euro and the gun cubs yearly dues. It also has to be declared to the Prefecture. My Canadian friend’s Gamo Big Cat Air Rifle requires a license and registration. But, he is willing to deal with the authorities and he is more than happy to join a local gun club. Also, some areas have additional restrictions, so be aware.


Another good reason to join a gun club is that using an air rifle for hunting or pest control is illegal in France without membership in one. You will need a licence de tir, which will arrive about two weeks after joining an allow you to buy a .22 rimfire, shotgun or hunting rifle to use on your land or on land where you have the owners written permission to shoot. For hunting off your property, you must have a permis de chasse, which requires an exam. There are seasons and restrictions on hunting some animals, particularly hares, so be aware of these before going out on your big hunt.

Crossfit Training to Stay Fit

Crossfit Training to Stay FitI love the winter months in Morzine. With the arrival of the first snow the whole region wakes up to a flurry of activities. Tourists flock to the area and the snow covered slopes take on a splendid and festive look with the skiers dotting the slopes. I have a great time in winter and the skiing gives me enough physical activity that I need not worry about my fitness, but it is the non-winter season that I’m worried about.

While I can pick out any of the physical exercises, it is the crossfit training that appeal to me more. I met a friend of mine a few weeks back that sparked my interest in crossfit. He said that he chooses crossfit traning, as it offers the best ever body workout that has the same program model for everyone, only with the intensity level changed, according to the age or fitness level of the individual concerned.

Scalable exercises

The best thing about crossfit exercises are that they possess a universal scalability that makes them ideal for any type of individual irrespective of the experience he possesses. Each day a single workout is given, which can be scaled based on the skill you have. For instance, if the workout needs squats with 120 pounds, but you are capable of only doing 40 pounds, then you can start on that level, or if you are not able to do the squats due to injury, a similar movement can be substituted till you get on to the level as prescribed.

Who can do it?

Crossfit though is suitable for everybody, everyone cannot do it. It is ideal only for certain categories of people.

Beginners in weight training who have not done weight training before find it ideal.

People who love the feeling of belonging to a community and support group find Crossfit a great outlet.

Fitness enthusiasts who cannot rest a day without having done their exercise for the day like the structured format of crossfit and the consistency present.

Former athletes who have been attuned to the feeling of camaraderie, competition and teamwork find the crossfit workouts a wonderful choice. Since the workouts involved fixed time limits for each repetition set, the competitive spirit in the athletes is aroused and they also like the nationwide competitions that take place in crossfit communities worldwide.

Starting the training

A CrossFit classes are generally provided free for the first class, so you can try out the workouts and see if they fit your purpose. The first class is the introduction class where you are given an overview on the workout, body movements involved and the benefits you get. I decided right on in the first class that the workouts are definitely for me. I also decided to make my muscles a little bit leaner, so I use bodybuilding supplements to create and drink tasty and healthy protein milkshakes.

The ramp or elements course is the next class, once you decide on joining the CrossFit workouts. This involves teaching nine basic movements in CrossFit and the need for sticking to proper form while exercising. This session is very valuable as you get to know how to perform the deadlifts, squats and presses perfectly.

Regular sessions include an hour or 45 minutes course that included doing the workouts prescribed like dynamic warm-up, strength work and workout of the day.