Husky Rides in Morzine

Imagine cutting through the breathtaking mountain scenery of the French Alps, behind a team of beautiful and friendly huskies while hearing the distinctive call “Mush, mush!” echoing through the forest. This is possible in Morzine, which now offers husky riding as one its most unique and exciting winter activities.

Husky riding began in Alaska and Canada in the mid-1600s as a way to transport people and goods over vast distances. Huskies were raised by the Chukchi peoples of Siberia to work as sled dogs as they were quick, strong, trusting, intelligent and sociable. Their heartiness and bravery became legendary in the frigid and unforgiving northern climes, and they are prized animals to this day.

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Ski and Snowboard Vacation in Morzine

Situated in the heart of the Portes du Soliel area on the Swiss border with France, the quaint market village of Morzine offers a gorgeous setting for vacationers who want to explore the great outdoors and participate in a wide variety of winter sports. There are chances to ski, snowboard, snow blade, cross country ski, AT/randonneé, telemark and snowshoe. In addition, the town offers excellent shopping, dining and entertainment options.

Skiing and snowboarding are where Morzine truly shine. With an altitude of 1000 meters and over 650 kilometers of piste, the Portes du Soliel offers many fantastic options for skiers of all ages and levels. There is everything from gentle bunny slopes to a challenging full-circuit courses.

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About Chalets, Alps and Life in General

Life in the Alps has a distinctive pace and the people who are fortunate enough to live there are envied all over the world. The breathtaking views that the Alps provide are legendary, and images of their winter splendor can be found everywhere from framed office photographs in Tokyo to galleries in London to magazine covers in New York. The Alps are also well known for their world-class winter sports, including snowboarding, skiing and husky riding. People from all over the world flock to the region during its coldest months to participate in these activities and to have the chance of experiencing the crisp, alpine air. Life in an alpine village has more to offer than just one season, however, as people who actually live in one come to know well.

Life in the Alps traditionally happens in a chalet. This is a wooden home with a sloping roof that was once used as a home for the local herders and dairy farmers. Today, they are often the perfect escapes for vacationers. Chalets are the ideal home to fit into the Alps as they are built strongly and can withstand the weather and altitude. They also match beautifully with the scenery.

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Winter Activities In The Chalet Le Coffy In MorzineA visit to the Alps is seen as one of the most glorious destinations that an individual can have the pleasure to experience. The French Alps are considered to be a place full of wonderful sceneries and great adventure especially during the winter time. The irony of this is not lost on many tourists as most destinations are chosen for their fair weather and constant sunshine but this is not the case of the Alps due to its location.

Though the environment may be cold, there are a suitable number of activities available to keep one’s blood warm and these are enjoyed by those who decide to visit this glorious region. The area is famous for its winter sports and a number of physical activities are available for the young and the young at heart. These winter activities have served as large tourist attractions and individuals all over the world have visited the Alps for these sporting activities.

Those who are not so inclined to spend time out in the colder environment are able to choose from a number of indoor activities that will see them spend more time in warmer places. The beautiful Chalets that are available in this region provide a wonderful getaway for those looking to get away from the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life.

One is able to separate themselves from the stress of everyday life and enjoy the peace and calm of a natural environment in a chalet based in these parts of the region. A good bottle of wine and a quality food smoker can act as suitable company for someone who may want to spend the weekend (or longer) alone in the Alps.

Some of the more adventurous activities that are available in the Chalet Le Coffy in Morzine include:

  • Husky riding – many people have heard of husky riding or seen on the television but have not had the opportunity to actually enjoy the experience for themselves. The concept of standing behind a slay with a fleet of huskies in front of them yelling the traditional “mush” can be an exciting adventure for anyone to undergo. There are a number of trainers available for those experiencing this particular thrill for the first time capable of giving out instruction to first timers on what to do.
  • Skiing and Snowboarding – The Alps provide an incredible location for those who love to go skiing. The slopes have been the highlight of the area and have served as the opportune location for those who want to enjoy the excitement of flying down the slopes at an incredible pace. Snowboarding is also available for those who may prefer more modern methods of going down the slope.
  • Festivals – There are a number of festivals that take place in the Alps and can serve to spice up an individual’s night life when they are in this region. Festivals such as the Fete de la Musique can add a bit of excitement to one’s life as they offer the opportunity for individuals to enjoy some of the best DJs that are in the industry.

Real Concern You Might Stumble Upon in MorzineMany people come to Morzine from all over the world to enjoy our little piece of the Alps. The mountains offer tourists and locals alike myriad entertaining activities and plenty of interesting things to do, like skiing, sledding, parachuting and base jumping, hiking, fishing, hunting and more. There’s too much to do here for me to really list all the possibilities effectively. However, there’s one thing absolutely nobody should do while they’re traveling through snow-capped mountains, and you can probably guess what that is from the title.

Avalanches are a very real concern here in the Alps, regardless of whether you’re here in Morzine or off towards Switzerland. The snow covering colder mountain ranges can tumble down with the right provocation, causing massive destruction and easily burying a single person under enough white to blot them right out of existence. Someone blaring on a trumpet along a snowy ridge is definitely the right provocation. This isn’t just something that happens in movies or television shows – it’s a very real danger to mountaineers everywhere, like rockslides, earthquakes and other disasters are dangers to people in other places.

That said, just leave your horns at home. Or any musical instruments at all, for that matter. It can be exciting to climb to the top of a mountain, yes indeed. You might want to cheer out and let the world know you’ve done something amazing, once you’ve finished doing it. That is perfectly understandable. But there are good ways to celebrate and there are bad ways to celebrate. Making music in a place where strong sound waves could spell your doom is one of the bad ways to celebrate. So please, just wait to rejoice on your trumpet or other musical instrument of choice until you’re home.

Or you don’t even have to wait until you’re home, really. Just until you get back indoors, wherever it is you’re staying, even if that’s right here with us at Chalet Le Coffy. We do love our music here, especially the French horn, of course. But we love safety even more. It pains us when visitors go out to experience the beautiful wilderness to be found here and then they don’t come back. It’s a somber subject, yes, but still something that needs to be discussed. Hopefully this can save someone else from making a grave mistake. We are all very concerned about the well-being of our guests here and it’s an important topic.

That’s really the underlying point here. Adventures abound here in Morzine, but adventures can be dangerous after all. If you’re going to come into this environment looking to enjoy yourself, then you need to respect the unique nature of this environment and act appropriately while you are here. We’re all for letting loose, getting loud and having a good time. But we don’t go doing it on a mountaintop anywhere. There are some times when you need to be courageous and face danger. Then there are times where you are foolish and create unnecessary danger yourself. It’s best to avoid these.

Morzine offers much more than Skiing in WinterWinter is enjoyed in different ways across Europe. While you go without the sun for weeks in the polar north, which is immersed in real snow, in the Mediterranean region you can find some lingering warmth from the sun. Café culture is predominant in the Mediterranean region.

The central part of Europe where Morzine is situated is more suited for spending Christmas in splendor.  Since you find very few queues in peak season, it is easy to visit many places that are budget friendly. The Charming villages and grand metropolises look even more beautiful and inspiring at this time of the year. The vast train network across Europe makes it easy to explore places you wish to see in a leisurely manner. The locals are also pretty laid back after the frenetic tourist season in summer.

In Morzine, winter offers various forms of delights to visitors especially its delightful nightlife. You can revel in the spectacular firework displays that astound you. While the nighttime activities are fun to watch, you need to be careful while you drive at night. Using proper lighting such as the keen led bars available at will improve visibility and prevent any untoward accidents at night. The torch lit Après-ski descent is another attraction that tourists enjoy seeing.

Apres ski enjoyment

For those who are looking for more excitement the numerous nightclubs that dot the region offer excellent entertainment. You can enjoy the assorted events and entertaining DJs all through the season. Places such as Le Tibetan and Le Tremplin serve to chase away your boredom with their long list of events that cater to all types of tourists.

The events start late in the evening and go on until 2 am in the morning depending on the weather. The atmosphere is resplendent with dancing, singing, and general mayhem. With the weather being erratic at winter and the activities going on late into the night, using emergency lighting such as Federal signal light bars helps in times of need.

Dancing to the music

For visitors who want to listen to live music L’Etale restaurant is a splendid place to frequent. The terrace is covered and heated, offering warmth and comfort from the cold weather. The restaurant serves excellent cuisine providing customers wholesome entertainment.  Le Coup de Coeur and le Crepu are other noted bars that serve great wine, pizzas, and snacks. But the places are jam-packed making it hard to find a table.


Other than the musical festivals such as Basscamp, Fete de la Musique and Rock the Pistes that see some of the best DJs of international repute entertaining the locals and tourists. The Christmas celebrations are the most looked forward to here. The snow covered Alps looks magical. Christmas starts from beginning of December with the nights filled with music, vin chaud and chocolate. The entire festive season is replete with festive markets, concerts and live music as the entire town gets ready for Christmas and New Year Celebrations.

With excellent places such as Chalet le Coffy to stay in, visiting Morzine in winter is just right not only for skiing enthusiasts, but for the general tourists looking to spend their vacation in splendor and joy.

Fitness activities to enjoy in MorzineWhile winter is the time when Morzine sees its peak tourist season, I ‘d also recommend summer to those who don’t favor the icy winter activities. Summer is also a great time to spend here. The average temperatures you see in summer here is around mid-twenties only. The town looks bronzed and active in summer. You can choose several outdoor activities here that keep you healthy and fit, as the weather is ideal for workouts. For those who have not been giving their physical fitness much time during winter, the summer months are just right for boosting their fitness.

Fitness has various different facets. Therefore, it is necessary to include a diversified exercise format that aids in achieving proper fitness level, Cross training is an ideal way that allows both increased cardio and muscle tone strength via multiple activities. This helps in creating a comprehensive fitness schedule. The workouts need to be chosen based on not only the physical fitness, but also the energy and brainpower they provide. This also helps to alleviate stress and helps you feel wonderful.

Crossfit training in Morzine

Morzine has some excellent crossfit training activities available for fitness enthusiasts both locally and for the visitors. The activities help you keep your fitness level so you are ready and strong for winter. I use my grappling dummy I bought at, which is very useful for my training, when a gym is not accessible.

Biking in Morzine

Biking especially downhill biking is quite famous in Morzine. In fact, with its numerous graded tracks, Morzine is the mountain biking hub of entire Central Europe. Biking is good for fitness as it has immense cardio benefits and produces muscular stamina enhancement in addition to producing constant stimulation of the brain.

For those who are not comfortable with the idea of downhill biking, the road bike tours are just as easily accessible. The famous Haute Savoie is an important mountain pass area in which Tour de France has been held annually. You can enjoy the challenging route here and be proud of your experience here.  Ever since I had bought the Title freestyle-grappling dummy, (which you can see here click here) I’ve become adept in most of my MMA maneuvers and this helps me whenever I take up any demanding activity such as downhill biking.

Yoga for health

Yoga is ideal for enhancing balance, strength, flexibility, and stamina throughout your whole body. It helps in boosting your concentration and keeps your mind in focus. The activity is also ideal to reduce muscle ache, remove imbalance and release tension from the body.  Yoga is also good for the mind and leaves you refreshed and energetic after you finish our routine yoga sessions.  When you start practicing yoga, it helps you to eat healthy foods, relax, and become strong and flexible.


Morzine has a large swimming pool right at the city center. Lake Montriond is another area that is great to have a refreshing swim. Since swimming does not produce much impact on the joints, it helps to increase the muscle tone, eat a healthy diet and better strength.

Practicing Archery near Morzine

While it might not be the main thing people come to Morzine to enjoy, we do have quite a number of places nearby where visitors and locals alike can hone their skills with a bow and arrow to become better archers. Granted, some people actually do come here just for that, and specifically to go bow hunting in the mountains and snow, especially since guns aren’t allowed here. But most of the people who visit us here in Morzine are just looking for a good time, a little fun and relaxation, that sort of thing. They aren’t looking to learn a new skill; not usually anyhow.

There are actually a number of places to pick up a bow and start launching arrows in a controlled environment in and around Morzine. Check out Les Gets for a solid head start on finding them. There are a number of resorts close to this area and several are worth checking out, though if you’re looking for something closer to us here at Chalet le Coffy, that might be a bit more traveling than you’re ready to do. Fear not – we know of opportunities closer to us as well. Maybe it would have been better to start with the closer location, but we do want our visitors to be aware of all their options.

A vacation, getaway or other temporary escape should be about you. If you’d rather stay near the Chalet while you’re visiting, then you won’t want to travel so much, naturally. We have Montriond Lake nearby, and that’s a popular archery spot where the Baron’s Archers regularly practice and allow others to join them from time to time. Many people visit during the colder winter months to skate on the surface of that same lake, but shooters practice their skills during all seasons of the year. We recommend checking out or another website about the sport before visiting.

Active sports which require people to be outside are usually more enjoyable when the weather is warm, however. Archery, like others, is certainly more popular during the year’s warmer months here in Morzine. Tignes is another popular spot for practicing archery and enjoying a number of other outdoor sports, and it’s also close to us here in Morzine. With relatively short travel times and a number of convenient ways to get there, Tignes might be a more popular choice than the other two places named here for some visitors.

Now that you know a little more about the different places to practice archery here in Morzine, you won’t be so clueless if you decide you’d like to try the sport the next time you’re visiting us. Of course, we’re skilled at finding a number of things for our guests to do, so if archery isn’t your thing, don’t despair. It’s pretty much a guarantee that we can find something for you to do here in Morzine which will interest or excite you, and that’s one of the most important things during a long trip away from home.

Winter in the Alps - Staying Safe

A lot of people go to the Alps for their holidays, and one of the best seasons to visit them is the winter. But, many people are not used to winter conditions in France, and we at Chalet Le Coffy have encountered a lot of people who were surprised by some aspects of winter in the Alps. So we decided to give you all some useful tips on having a great time here during the winter, and avoiding all potential problems.

  1. Health

It’s easy to become ill at such low temperatures, especially for people who are used to warmer climates. If you want to make sure some poor nurse doesn’t wear out her special nursing shoes from NicerShoes because of you, definitely bring plenty of warm clothes. If you feel ill, don’t push yourself – stay inside and stay warm, and in this way you can avoid wasting your holidays on being ill

  1. Insurance

Most people visit the Alps in the winter because they want to do some winter sports. Because of this, you will absolutely need to get some winter sports insurance. Make sure your insurance covers the specific sport you age going to be doing. In France, if you get injured, the fees can be pretty steep, and it’s expected that you have the money on hand, and your insurance company reimburses you when you get home. Keep in mind that if you get injured, the mountain rescue rates go from 50 euros for injuries at the bottom, to over 15,000 euros for a helicopter rescue.

You also have to add here the costs of staying in the hospital, which can amount to quite a long time because the hospitals are usually crowded this time of year. Don’t expect immediate or all-day treatment, because the doctors and nurses there are overworked as it is (the nurses even wear special shoes – It is clear from all this that you will need good insurance if you don’t want to get a huge amount of debt.

  1. Driving

One of the most common problems for people from warmer climates is that they are extremely unaccustomed to driving in the snow and ice. Even if you drive in the snow in your home country, you have definitely never seen anything like the snow in the Alps. Here are a few road rules which will be of great help when driving in the Alps:

  • It is forbidden to drive on many roads in the Alps if you don’t have the proper winter equipment. You have to have either snow tires or chains on your tires. There really are gendarmes enforcing these rules, so make sure you don’t start your journey without them.
  • Keep in mind that it is illegal to overtake a snow plough in France
  • It is also important to know that salting trucks have the right of way, as well as snow ploughs
  • If the snow is heavily falling, you are allowed to use your fog lights for better visibility

Fun Things to Do In the French Alps

Whether you’re an outdoorsy person or prefer to stay indoors by the fire, there is plenty to do in Morzine, but also the French Alps in general. Nature is abundant, and there are many activities to enjoy, but there are also plenty of shopping venues, spas, and various activities for a more civilization-oriented person. Here are just some of the things the French Alps offer:

Outdoor Activities

With the beautiful nature, comes a range of nature-related choice of activities. Whether you like to hike or you’re an avid hunter bring all your hiking and hunting equipment along. You won’t be bored here!

Hiking – There are many nature trails in the French Alps, and you can be sure to visit at least some of them. Bring your walking poles and head on up. Just make sure to put on some sunscreen – even in winter, the sun can be devastating for the skin.

Hunting – France is famous for its hunting. Wherever you go, there will be plenty of opportunity to get your hands on some game. Just make sure you remember to bring some equipment such as these tactical knives ( There is plenty of boar, deer, red stag, and sika deer. There is also an abundance of birds for shooting, including ducks and partridges.

Parasailing – For those who crave adrenaline, parasailing is an excellent choice. You can find many agencies who offer parasailing around Morzine, but also in the whole of France.

City activities

Shopping – France is known for it fashion, so shopping here is a dream come true. From big and expensive brands, to small and charming shops filled with hand-made items, you will find anything and everything in the French Alps. So spend a relaxing afternoon browsing shops and stores, and make sure you buy a souvenir to bring home.

Spa – The French Alps offer a lot in the way of spa treatments. This whole area is full of bigger and smaller spas, offering various types of saunas, massages, baths, manicures, pedicures, etc. Pamper yourself after a long day and enjoy a treatment fit for royalty.

Museums – If you begin craving some culture, there are plenty of museums everywhere in France. Go to the local tourist info, or ask at the front desk of your hotel, and find out what interesting museums and exhibitions are on offer nearby. Learn about Alpine history and culture and immerse yourself in the French life.

Have a drink – If you really want a taste of the cosmopolitan life, drink a Cosmopolitan in one of the many bars. Or just go wine tasting and hop from bar to bar, café to café. The French love to drink and have fun, so if you’re a fun-loving person too, you are sure to meet some locals who would be delighted to introduce you to their surroundings and lives.

Go to Church – If you’re religious, or just like history, be sure to visit one of the many ancient churches hidden all across small Alpine villages. And make sure to bring your camera with you!

Unusual Morzine Outdoor Activities

It is of course no secret that many tourists come to the Alps looking for skiing, snowboarding and other sports which focus on the cold and snowy nature of the place. These are major drawing points throughout the year, since enthusiasts can find what they’re looking for right here, regardless of the season in the countries and continents from which they’ve come. There are many other, more unusual outdoor activities here that might also be worth trying, if you’re up for a little experimentation. Now, because they’re unusual, they aren’t going to be for everyone. Consider that as a fair warning.

Getting acquainted with Morzine and the local people when visiting a place can be an enriching and enlightening experience, and there’s no better way to interact with the people of Morzine than to pick up some of their language during your visit. There are various alpine French language courses you can find in the area, and some of these even hold classes outdoors, to keep students on their feet and active while they are instructed. This actually makes learning some things a lot easier than if you were to try to take in the same material while sitting still.

Naturally, a major draw in Morzine is the mountains. Exploring them can be a lot of fun – dangerous, but still plenty of fun. To get to that donkey trekking route up in the mountains, you might want to try meeting an old man in the hills. Someone who has worked and lived in the area for a lifetime would make an excellent guide, and would be an even better resource than this article for other fun things you could find to do in town. Get ready to test your hiking abilities if you do decide to head for the hills. It’s a real wild place and you never know what you might run into.

As beautiful as Morzine and the surrounding wilderness are, you just don’t get to see everything when you’re traveling on foot. The best way of exploring Morzine is to do it from the air – like in the cab of a helicopter flying overhead and providing a bird’s eye view of everything on the world down below. Naturally, this is going to make people with a fear of heights highly uncomfortable, so it’s not something everyone will enjoy. If you’re brave and maybe a bit brazen though, there is no better way to survey the area.

You’ve probably heard of boating or kayaking in the past, but you’ve probably never even seen hydrospeeding before. That’s where you grab hold of a flotation device and send yourself careening down a river, letting the rapids toss you about as they wish while you speed along. Like the helicopter riding above, this is definitely a dangerous activity, and there’s a very real possibility of getting injured if you decide to try it. All I can say is to be sure to wear protective gear. There are few things more exhilarating than the rush of speed and the proximity to danger provided by this.

If you’ve never taken part in a biathlon before, Morzine features several ways for you to feel like a real, Olympic level athlete. Consider trying the Biathlon in Morzine to combine the sports of skiing and shooting into one high-speed, high-enjoyment activity. If you’ve never gone skiing or shot a rifle before, this might not be the right activity for you. Remember to follow any safety rules your instructor gives you and never, ever point your gun at anything unless you’re planning on shooting it. This is basic hunting safety stuff here, but you can expect a little refresher if you decide to participate.

Much like going for a helicopter ride, taking to the skies in a hot air balloon provides an excellent view of all of Morzine while making you feel like you’ve somehow grown wings and are now able to soar above it all. The air can get pretty cold up there and you’ll be out in the open while riding in the balloon basket, so be sure to dress warmly if you decide to take to the skies in this fashion. As long as you make sure to keep yourself from looking down, this is one activity you’re pretty much guaranteed to enjoy, even if it does get boring quickly for some participants.

Even people who live in the middle of deserts have heard or read about skiing before, but have you ever heard about ski joering? This is a special kind of horse-drawn skiing which focuses more on rolling over stretches of flat land at moderate speeds rather than barreling downhill as fast as possible. This is certainly safer than downhill skiing, though it is kind of bland in comparison because most of the danger has been removed. If you’ve never gong skiing before, this is perhaps the best way to get your bearings and learn how to keep upright.

Video games which allow the player to simulate life on a farm are strangely popular; just look at the Harvest Moon or Farm Simulator series for proof of this. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at farming, Morzine has something for you! In Les Gets, it’s possible to become an apprentice farmer for a day and see what it’s like to plant seeds, harvest crops, feed animals and perform a number of other tasks which are perfunctory to running a farm. This is perhaps the most unusual activity on this list as well.

With the wide range of different activities to try and maybe even enjoy in Morzine, nobody who visits should be bored for long. Besides these unusual activities, you have the more normal options to consider too, like traditional skiing, mountain climbing, swimming, snowmobiling and more. When you’re done moving around for the day, there are few things better than taking in a movie at a local theater. It’s quiet, calm, relaxing and pretty comfortable compared to a lot of the other things you could be doing.

Morzine A resort for all seasons

While Morzine is definitely a winter vacation spot with its wonderful ski resorts and proximity to all other popular skiing spots in the Alps, it also has some wonderful summer attractions. In fact, Morzine is one of the most beautiful alpine towns that offer delights to tourists all the year round. It is not just the mountains that offer fun, but you find many other attractions that appeal to visitors to the tiny town.

Winter attraction

All enthusiasts of winter sports from France as well as neighboring countries, especially Britain have been frequenting the resort way back since the Edwardian times. Most of the visitors enjoy skating on frozen lakes here and exploring the rolling green meadows that the area is famous for.

As early as 1934, the town had a cable car constructed to attract tourists. Since then not much improvements have been made here until 1960 that is. During 1960, the town people gathered and decided on sending a racer from the town to the Winter Olympics held at California. The racer, Jean Vuarnet, won a gold medal for racing downhill.  His sporting prowess is still talked about in the region.

Jean Vuarnet was given the responsibility of creating Avoriaz ski station, which is situated at a very high altitude. The formation of Portes du Soleil, which linked the resorts on either side of the Swiss frontier, was also done by Jean Vuarnet.

The ski area spreads over 650 km and Morzine remains its capital. The area is an extensive one that is suited for both families and individuals. The only disadvantage the town has is its low altitude. You cannot ski back down the whole path.

One thing about Morzine that appeals to tourists is that even if you are not a dedicated snowboarder or skier, you can still enjoy the area fully. There are plenty of activities present here including the kayaking in the lakes found in the region that keep you fully occupied. There is the ice diving, snowmobiling, shopping, nature discovery trips and snowshoeing that are enjoyed by families visiting this town. The town also boasts of an international grade ice rink and a huge swimming pool.

And getting here is not much hardship as the nearest airport is in Geneva, which is just 75 minutes’ drive from here. You get regular bus service from the station, which is just 30 km away.

Enjoying kayaking

Kayaking is one of the best summer activities in Morzine. You can paddle across the lake water, while you enjoy the spectacular view around. In contrast to canoeing, paddlers here face forward and the paddle is double- bladed. The kayaking can be enjoyed individually or as a group too.

With good quality kayaks, you can have great fun in the lake here. Kayaking is one sport that can be enjoyed in sea, rivers and lakes making it a versatile one. You can also find plastic inflatable kayaks with double bladed paddles to control the direction and speed. In addition to the kayaking, you also find watersports centers here. Agencies, which arrange for adventure sports are also found here in plenty, so you can arrange any sport you choose to beforehand.

Riveting entertainment in Morzine

Morzine, in spite of being a comparatively quiet resort, has plenty of entertainment to offer for the locals and visitors. You are sure to find some or other form of entertainment once you get off the mountain.

The bustling nightlife, lively bars including karaoke sing along bars are present all over the town within walkable distance of the main town area. The locals enjoy quite a great deal of nightlife here.

The local tourist offices arrange several events including fireworks and torchlight ski descent, which are breathtaking to view.

Bars in Morzine

The nightlife in Morzine is great to revel in once you have had your fill of the delicacies the local restaurants offer. The bars have unique atmosphere and each sport a different ambience. While some are French, others cater to the western tourists and seasonal visitors.

Almost all bars open by 4 pm geared up for the tourists returning from the skiing and are open until 2am. Buddha Bar, Le Coyote, Irish bar, Le Rhodos, Cavern and LeCrepu are some of the popular bars here. The bars sport plasma screen that show snowboarding or skiing and telecast sporting matches too. You also find live music and sing along karaoke in some bars.

For those who are looking at all night partying Le Paradis and L’Opera offer great entertainment and are busy during winter months, when they stay open even until 5 am in the morning. But the drinks here are more expensive than the other bars.

Cinemas in Morzine

Morzine has two cinemas in addition to the restaurants and bars. Screenings are mostly of French movies, but occasionally you also see English films screened here.

Basscamp Festival

The Bass camp Festival is a popular festival that has some of the top international DJs dropping big bang music.  You can dance until dawn embracing snow and sun at the musical mayhem created by the festival atmosphere. This is the first ever-festival featuring snow sports and electronic music. The events are held all along the Portes du Soleil region, but the main events are held in Morzine and a huge party in the town square marks the end of the festival.

La Grande Odysee

This is a husky dog race and one of the largest in Europe where you see dog teams and mushers pitted against one another as they try to cross the 14 resorts in the Savoie area including Samoens, Megeve, Morillion and Les Gets. The race is held in January, and it extends for 10 days.

Rock the Pistes Music Festival

This weeklong festival sports the best of international and French rock and pop music. Visitors who buy the lift pass can enjoy the festival on the pistes on mountaintops for free!

Fête de la Musique

This is a festival celebrated during summer solstice all over France. It is a music festival that encompasses all the restaurants and bars and the streets too when musicians of all genre offer live performances to the locals and visitors.

For those who love to have a sing along party with friends the Paradis hotel is the right place, as it hosts a karaoke bar. The place has unique decor with mirrored walls and lighting underfloor, letting you enjoy music and sing along too.