Christmas is Coming

It is never too late to make a booking with us but we’d like to remind you that Christmas is coming. This is probably one of the busiest but most exciting times for us. It is busy because we have many guests here at this time of the year. Some even stay until well into the New Year. It is exciting because we love Christmas and all the festivities that go with it. The atmosphere is so warm and convivial that you will soon forget the bitterness of the cold winter.

Morzine at its best

Not that you need worry about that because our cabins will be warm, and to light up the atmosphere and your own festive spirit there is always a cabin fire waiting to welcome you. Not to mention the food. Gluwein and hot roasts are favorites among most folks at this time of the year so we don’t mind borrowing from our neighbors’ recipes. After all, we are all part of one European community. It is nothing like the old days. Then we used to be so territorial and jealous of our surroundings. Today, as you will soon see, we welcome everyone with open arms. Morzine hospitality at its best.

This time, we would like you to be prepared for a bit of song and dance. We are even inviting you to make your own cultural contribution. While it may be just over a month to go before you arrive, we positively believe that there is still enough time for you to practice. Never fear if you are new to this. Take some time viewing websites such as this one to learn about the various instruments you may want to consider learning how to play.

Bring your best voice

These days, learning how to play a new (or second-hand) musical instrument has never been easier. Say, for argument’s sake, you’d like to try your hand at the challenging fiddle (mainly because it will be easier for you to pack), instruction manuals advise you on all aspects you need to consider before even buying and practicing on one. Now, obviously no-one needs to pack a piano, we know that. And even if you are intent on arriving empty handed, we expect that your voice will be nicely tuned because there is no way you are going to be passing up an opportunity in joining us in the singing of our traditional Christmas carols.

As most of you know, Santa Claus is quite busy at this time of the year. Don’t worry about this. We have more than enough delightful stores for you to spend time shopping at down in Morzine and the surrounding towns. Store keepers here pride themselves on creating the perfect gifts that children of all ages (including you) will enjoy.

Dear neighbor

So, apart from finalizing all arrangements and packing your Christmas accoutrements along with your warm, woolen jerseys, padded jackets and thick boots, all that is left for you to do is quietly leave a note at your neighbor’s door just to let them know that you won’t be seeing them this Christmas.