Decorating Chalet with Houseplants

Decorating Chalet with HouseplantsThe Chalet Le Coffy here in Morzine is a major tourist attraction. It brings in people from all over the world who are looking to ski on the Alps. However, while there is plenty to do in the place, the scenery can become somewhat redundant. It’s snow, snow and little else; at least while you’re outside. It’s something many visitors have commented on in the past, and we do take our visitors seriously. After hearing it enough times from several different people, we decided to dress up the interior of the Chalet, since there was relatively little we could do for the state of the exterior.

Now, we didn’t want to do anything too complicated or, well, expensive. So we decided to go with some pretty common stuff – houseplants, nothing too exotic, just enough to brighten up the interior of the Chalet and provide people with the color their skiing trips were sorely lacking. Buying up plants which are already fully grown can become pretty costly very quickly though, especially when there’s a great deal of area to cover with said plants. I came up with the idea to buy seeds and soil instead, and start from the ground up, so to speak. My peers took it pretty well and that’s what we decided to do.

Decorating Chalet with HouseplantsWhile we don’t get a lot of color outside here, we do get plenty of natural light. However, it’s pretty cold here at the Chalet Le Coffy, so placing our budding seeds next to windows turned out to be a really bad idea. The cold just seeped through the walls, killed a lot of young plants.In the end, we all decided that getting some grow lights would be the best way to do things. That way the plants could stay warm, away from windows, and actually get a chance to live. You can also grow some vegetables, fruits and other plants indoors, using led grow lights, after reading one of these 800w LED Grow light review.

When I learned we could not only start providing our visitors with a lush and colorful environment, but that we could also supplement our food stores by using that same energy to grow fruits and vegetables, I was all about getting this thing set up right away. At first, we all thought it would cost us more money every month to run the lights regularly – you know, increased expenditures and all that. But imagine our surprise when our growing operation actually lowered our monthly expenses, because we suddenly had to buy less food and didn’t need to pay for any flowers or decorative houseplants at all!

We’ve had so much success growing our own stuff indoors, I wanted to take a moment to recommend it to anyone out there with a green thumb and plenty of free space around the house. Check out more useful information about indoors growing by checking this website. If you’re into this new healthy food craze which has hit the world, then you should know that growing your own food under conditions you control is the only way to truly cut out pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers and other poisons from your diet.