Fitness activities to enjoy in Morzine

Fitness activities to enjoy in MorzineWhile winter is the time when Morzine sees its peak tourist season, I ‘d also recommend summer to those who don’t favor the icy winter activities. Summer is also a great time to spend here. The average temperatures you see in summer here is around mid-twenties only. The town looks bronzed and active in summer. You can choose several outdoor activities here that keep you healthy and fit, as the weather is ideal for workouts. For those who have not been giving their physical fitness much time during winter, the summer months are just right for boosting their fitness.

Fitness has various different facets. Therefore, it is necessary to include a diversified exercise format that aids in achieving proper fitness level, Cross training is an ideal way that allows both increased cardio and muscle tone strength via multiple activities. This helps in creating a comprehensive fitness schedule. The workouts need to be chosen based on not only the physical fitness, but also the energy and brainpower they provide. This also helps to alleviate stress and helps you feel wonderful.

Crossfit training in Morzine

Morzine has some excellent crossfit training activities available for fitness enthusiasts both locally and for the visitors. The activities help you keep your fitness level so you are ready and strong for winter. I use my grappling dummy I bought at, which is very useful for my training, when a gym is not accessible.

Biking in Morzine

Biking especially downhill biking is quite famous in Morzine. In fact, with its numerous graded tracks, Morzine is the mountain biking hub of entire Central Europe. Biking is good for fitness as it has immense cardio benefits and produces muscular stamina enhancement in addition to producing constant stimulation of the brain.

For those who are not comfortable with the idea of downhill biking, the road bike tours are just as easily accessible. The famous Haute Savoie is an important mountain pass area in which Tour de France has been held annually. You can enjoy the challenging route here and be proud of your experience here.  Ever since I had bought the Title freestyle-grappling dummy, (which you can see here click here) I’ve become adept in most of my MMA maneuvers and this helps me whenever I take up any demanding activity such as downhill biking.

Yoga for health

Yoga is ideal for enhancing balance, strength, flexibility, and stamina throughout your whole body. It helps in boosting your concentration and keeps your mind in focus. The activity is also ideal to reduce muscle ache, remove imbalance and release tension from the body.  Yoga is also good for the mind and leaves you refreshed and energetic after you finish our routine yoga sessions.  When you start practicing yoga, it helps you to eat healthy foods, relax, and become strong and flexible.


Morzine has a large swimming pool right at the city center. Lake Montriond is another area that is great to have a refreshing swim. Since swimming does not produce much impact on the joints, it helps to increase the muscle tone, eat a healthy diet and better strength.