Gear Up For Skiing In Morzine

Gear Up For Skiing In MorzineMorzine is famous for its skiing, which is not surprising as Morzine and adjoining Avoriaz form the second largest ski region in Europe after Three Valleys. Morzine is more of an attraction because of its cheaper chalets, hotels and lift passes.  Throughout the year, you can see the quaint little Alpine town bustling with activity. The wooden chalets with slated roofs and solid stone foundation bring to life the Savoyard charm. Chalet de Coffy is one of the best places to stay in and explore Morzine. While you do get summer activities such as mountain biking, which is famous here, it is skiing, which attracts tourists to Morzine.

Skiing is an activity that is best enjoyed when you are completely fit for it. Cycling, wall squats, and sit-ups are not sufficient to keep you fit as a fiddle for skiing. To carve that perfect ‘S’ on a busy piste, you need some extra special stamina. There are some great workouts, which are particularly good for keeping up your fitness levels for skiing and snowboarding. So before you head out to Morzine, make sure you catch up on your fitness. Here are some tips to help you get ready for a skiing trip in Morzine.

Biomechanical workout

Gear Up For Skiing In MorzineYou can train your body to help move it most efficiently. Begin by standing with your feet in skiing or parallel position. To ski fast and effectively down the slopes, your standing position is important. When you draw a line from your kneecap’s center to the floor, it should cross the space between your third and second toe. Mostly it crosses near the big toe or even between feet.

So check the posture, otherwise you’ll not be able to carve as effectively on the skiing slopes especially you will not be able to hold an edge in your uphill ski. Moreover, this can cause problems in your kneecap too.

So stand in the right alignment and do a minimum of 30 reps per day until it forms your default position. Having a good and nutritious diet too helps in keeping up the fitness, especially for women who are new to skiing. Protein supplements such as those available at Monicas Health Magazine help women in keeping up their stamina and ski well.

Pelvic position

In your skiing position, your bottom should not be protruding too outward or too much tucked in. A neural position where all muscles work their best, while the upper body is relaxed should be found and practiced at. To find this stance, you need to position your bottom on both extreme positions and find a neutral one in between the two. Bend your knees to the skiing position, while you practice the neutral stance and do 30 repetitions daily until you get it right.

Weight balance

Most often people sit too low, which causes strain on the knees and quads making them lose control while skiing. To get the right balance, bend knees to skiing position and the pelvis in neutral, and find the position taken by your hips. Now stand up and bend knees, so the weight is pushed forward, as if you are tipping forward. While it is not good to have the body weight on the front of the skis, you can balance the weight forward from the core, which makes the weight more balanced in the center. This gives you maximum control and you can make smooth maneuvers.