Good Prepping Ideas for Active Holidaymakers

christmas-1050965_960_720Have you heard of the old English-language saying which is often put into practice by the most active and adventurous men and women of your communities? They believe that if they work hard, they must play hard too. We’ve come to experience this philosophy among some of our guests over the years. Those that do come over to ‘play hard’ have come to be as active and lively as possible, heading off into the mountains on long hikes along steep, snow-filled slopes, and skiing down long gradients at breakneck speeds. Now, most of these lively folks have been doing this for years and, having practiced well at home, always come prepared.

We’d like you to be active and feel exhilarated

Part of the fun of being on holiday, particularly when you visit one of our lodges which are surrounded by some of the most scenic views you are likely to encounter, means that you need to be active at least. Have you ever noticed how ridiculous some of those overweight folks look during summer holidays along the French Riviera? They get horribly sun-burnt just sitting around on the hot sand, eating and drinking excessively and taking naps. By the time they are back home from their holidays, they feel no less tired than they were when they left.

Now, you don’t need to be one of those active supremos we mentioned earlier. Nor do you even need to do much to ensure that you are in peak condition to enjoy an active and purposeful holiday with us. In fact, we would be quite disappointed if you spent the next few weeks just sitting about. We take pride in our heritage and our stunning landscape and particularly enjoy seeing the looks of exhilaration on our guests’ faces when they’ve just arrived back from a day trip.

We have wholesome and healthy meals for you here

christmas-dinner-750362_960_720Take time out in your own neighborhood and take advantage of your nearby parks by taking brisk walks every other evening after work. Keep your weekends open for a good hike outside of town. You don’t need to spend hours in a sweaty gym either. Instead, you could set up a standalone punching bag in your garage and work on strengthening exercises necessary for traversing the Alps. Bicycling is also a fun-filled exercise. It may be a little tough in the beginning, but rowing is a great builder of strength and character ideal for skiing over here.

Most of our meals here are sumptuous and helpings are always generous, particularly at this time of the year. After all, having a feast is also part of the holiday-maker’s kingdom. But at the same time we do take care that meals are wholesome and healthy.

How all holidays should be enjoyed

You do need to take care of yourself that way too. This is how all holidays should be enjoyed. Your very last day at work leaves you feeling bushed but relieved. The moment you step onto our soil, you already get a feeling of exhilaration. And by the time you have reluctantly left us and arrived back home, you are feeling more refreshed than you ever did before.