It’s almost time to make your spring bookings with us

It’s almost time to make your spring bookings with usGood day, ladies and gentlemen! We hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas and festive, and yet safe, Happy New Year so far. For a number of understandable reasons, you may not have been able to pack your bags and go on a long, luxurious and even adventurous holiday at your dream destination. Many of you have too many family responsibilities and this time around needed to cater for visitors. We know all about catering and share the excitement that you may have experienced putting traditional dishes together.

You will gasp at the sights here

Now, when you add everything up, we believe that our prices are more than reasonable for such a prestigious location in the French Alps. But we do understand that many of you will still be saving up for such a dream destination. So, while you are still recuperating from your festive exertions, we thought we’d take you on an imaginary drive along our way to offer you some inspiration and still further motivation to get yourself more organized, savings-wise, so that one day, hopefully soon, you will be able to come and visit us.

In an earlier post, we heavily promoted our chalets to readers to make bookings with us for our busiest time of the year, Christmas and New Year. At this time of the year everything is white with snow and you can well imagine how new visitors gasped after seeing picture perfect snow and the high Alps for the first time. Even if you were a seasoned traveler, we imagine that you will still gasp at the sights on display here. Now, before you know it, soon it will be spring.

Share your interests with us

Before we explain our digression about busy times of the year, have a look at this website to see how you can generate water in your own home as clean and pure as the water that will be flowing down the mountainside once spring arrives. We are, in fact busy all year round, so spring will be no different. Many action lovers are already making plans for skiing and hiking expeditions. But those who will be arriving at Chalet Le Coffy for the first time need not worry because we’ve catered for them too.

Why don’t you drop us a query mail, mentioning some of your active interests to us? In return, we can provide you with a list of our recommended activities while looking for something that matches your interests. Here’s another correction, if we may, before we leave you. Some of you may well be able to come and join us this spring. So, without hesitation we would also like you to make a booking with us as early as today.

If you leave it too long, you will regrettably have to wait until next year. But, of course, we are open all year round. How about that then?