Morzine offers much more than Skiing in Winter

Morzine offers much more than Skiing in WinterWinter is enjoyed in different ways across Europe. While you go without the sun for weeks in the polar north, which is immersed in real snow, in the Mediterranean region you can find some lingering warmth from the sun. Café culture is predominant in the Mediterranean region.

The central part of Europe where Morzine is situated is more suited for spending Christmas in splendor.  Since you find very few queues in peak season, it is easy to visit many places that are budget friendly. The Charming villages and grand metropolises look even more beautiful and inspiring at this time of the year. The vast train network across Europe makes it easy to explore places you wish to see in a leisurely manner. The locals are also pretty laid back after the frenetic tourist season in summer.

In Morzine, winter offers various forms of delights to visitors especially its delightful nightlife. You can revel in the spectacular firework displays that astound you. While the nighttime activities are fun to watch, you need to be careful while you drive at night. Using proper lighting such as the keen led bars available at will improve visibility and prevent any untoward accidents at night. The torch lit Après-ski descent is another attraction that tourists enjoy seeing.

Apres ski enjoyment

For those who are looking for more excitement the numerous nightclubs that dot the region offer excellent entertainment. You can enjoy the assorted events and entertaining DJs all through the season. Places such as Le Tibetan and Le Tremplin serve to chase away your boredom with their long list of events that cater to all types of tourists.

The events start late in the evening and go on until 2 am in the morning depending on the weather. The atmosphere is resplendent with dancing, singing, and general mayhem. With the weather being erratic at winter and the activities going on late into the night, using emergency lighting such as Federal signal light bars helps in times of need.

Dancing to the music

For visitors who want to listen to live music L’Etale restaurant is a splendid place to frequent. The terrace is covered and heated, offering warmth and comfort from the cold weather. The restaurant serves excellent cuisine providing customers wholesome entertainment.  Le Coup de Coeur and le Crepu are other noted bars that serve great wine, pizzas, and snacks. But the places are jam-packed making it hard to find a table.


Other than the musical festivals such as Basscamp, Fete de la Musique and Rock the Pistes that see some of the best DJs of international repute entertaining the locals and tourists. The Christmas celebrations are the most looked forward to here. The snow covered Alps looks magical. Christmas starts from beginning of December with the nights filled with music, vin chaud and chocolate. The entire festive season is replete with festive markets, concerts and live music as the entire town gets ready for Christmas and New Year Celebrations.

With excellent places such as Chalet le Coffy to stay in, visiting Morzine in winter is just right not only for skiing enthusiasts, but for the general tourists looking to spend their vacation in splendor and joy.