Morzine’s evolution as a beautiful tourist spot

Morzine’s evolution as a beautiful tourist spotIf you have an idea of places around the world, you must have come across Morzine. This is a beautiful location in France, a place that is a tourist’s favorite. This commune gets all its beauty and enchanting views from its location in the French Alps.

It will take you through a whole different journey, through snow covered peaks, skiing locations and some great traditions of art. This is why it has become a great holiday destination now. But how did this city at 1000 meters height become this impeccable tourist’s spot? Let us go through it.

Morzine, as we know it today, is rich in heritage, traditions and culture. But its history goes back to the earliest days when farming and slate mining dominated this region. The first stories of Morzine come from the year 1090 when the Monks came to visit this place. They had visited St Jean d’Aulps with the intention of gaining control of this land which they eventually did. For the next 5 centuries, Morzine remains under the rule of the Monks.

This beautiful mountainous regained independence from the Monks’ rule in 1531, 5 centuries after they started taking control of the place. This was followed by a lot of new developments in the commune with new constructions and the likes. The Old Bridge in Morzine was built in the 1700s.

This region gained a lot of commercial significance when slate mining came under the limelight. This happened between the 1700s ad the early 1800s. There were different modifications of slate being practiced in the later part of the same centuries and this acted as a big blessing to Morzine. Slate exploitation opened up many opportunities, especially in the commercial sectors. Employment options were widened during this time. Slate from Morzine was of very high quality, having extreme crumbling resistance.

These slate quarries started dominating Morzine, providing employment and reducing seasonal migration. There were high income opportunities. This paved the way for the construction of more roads across the commune and finally Morzine got the all important ski club in 1864.

This opened up gates for tourism as skiing is an exciting concept for tourists. The ‘Grand Hotel’ became the first hotel that was open for tourists. There was a lot of art and culture in this region, with wooden works doing the rounds. There are a lot of wooden facades and sculptures that are common in Morzine. Wood lathes are important tools if you are working with wood. Know more about them at WoodLatheReport.

Morzine never looked back ever since. The start of tourism paved the way for other developments as the first cable car came up in 1934. All the progress that this region reported over the years was basically attributed to the controlled developmental policies this place was under. Apart from the skiing options, the tourists are attracted to the warmth and hospitality of Morzine. The panoramic view of the Alps, the snow covered mountains and the extensive sceneries make this place a tourist’s delight!